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Free Trial Expiration Email

Free trial emails are an important aspect of any email marketing strategy and these emails are one of the most effective emails when it comes to lead conversion. Businesses often use free trial expiration emails when launching a new product or expecting to gain new customers. Offering free trials leads to new sign-ups from new customers which eventually helps the business by having a separate email list of prospective customers.

Offering free trials is a win-win condition for both customers and the business as the customers get a chance to try a product or a service for free. Also, free trials have higher chances of conversions because the customer is already interested in trying your products/services and are likely to continue after trials are over. Even if the lead doesn’t convert, the business still has the email list of prospects who were interested in their services and these emails can be used in other email campaigns.

Get in the mind of the customer

  • Welcome email: Sending a welcome email is the start of building a relationship with a customer. It is necessary to greet them and inform them that their trial has been activated. It is a sign of support to them; if they face any issues, you are here to help them anyway.

  • Make an offer: When you realize that the trial period is coming to an end but the customers haven’t decided to sign up for later, now is the opportunity to make an offer that will entice the customer to continue using your product or service.

  • Ask for favor: After the customers have finally decided not to continue with your business, you can ask for feedback or a review which you may use later in case studies or for promotional purposes.

  • Define details of the trial: Never assume that your customers already know about the trial period or what resources they need. Always induce all the necessary information about the free trial expiration date and add resources like guides and tutorials so the customer knows how to use your product/service effectively.

  • Personalized communication: Let your customers know that they are important to you and you value them even though they are not your confirmed customer yet. Personalization helps psychologically to make a positive decision.

  • Clear CTA: Using CTAs smartly in your emails is a game changer. CTAs lead to conversions and give a certain direction to the customers so as to where they need to ‘upgrade’, ‘subscribe’, ‘buy’, or anything.

  • Segment email list: Every customer is in a different buyer journey and has different requirements. Therefore, it is essential to identify user personality and then create email campaigns accordingly.

  • Communicate urgency: Generating a sense of urgency triggers the customer to act faster and take your email seriously. Emails with strict deadlines or timers get the most results. Urgency when clearly pre-informed, gives the user time to make decisions or adjust their schedules for making the purchase.

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Free trial expiration email templates

1. Free trial welcome email

Hello [customer name]

Congratulation! Your trial has been activated for [product/service]!

Hopefully, you are enjoying your trial pack of [product/service]. I am writing this email to you to help you understand our [product/service] better in case you have any doubts.

I request you to go through the video tutorial and written handbook document which contain each and every specific detail of [product/service] you may need to know. [company] just want you to be happy with the trial you’ve opted for and make out the best usage of it.

I will also update you with some tips which might be helpful to you. Meanwhile, you may go through the [product/service] and let me know if you have any doubts.

Thank you!

[your signature]

2. Follow-up email

Dear [customer]

I noticed that you haven’t created an account for the trial you signed up for. In case you are having any issues starting out the trial pack, please go through the resources shared with you earlier. For your convenience, I will again share the resources which will be attached to this email. Those will certainly help you out to get the most out of the trial.

If you’re still confused about where to start or have already started but don’t know where is it going, then please know that you are not a stranger to us. You are our lovely customer whom to love to serve.

I will personally help you out if you need me. Please get in touch with us and know your [product/service] better.



3. Pitching email

Hi [customer]

Looks like your trial to [product/service] has ended but you know, you can always continue using your [product/service].

This is a great time to reconsider your trial experience with us and upgrade to a better plan with better features.

Currently, the best plan we have has below features:




We also have another premium plan which you may easily explore through our website. The link to the website is [link].

If you think, you’re ready to upgrade your plan for [product/service] or maybe you are confused about some other factors, then feel free to let us know.

We are delighted to help you.



4. Reminder email

Subject: Your free trial is about to expire soon!

Dear [customer]

We hope you’ve enjoyed your free trial of our product over the past [number] days/months/weeks. We wanted to remind you that your trial will expire on [date], which is just a few days away.

If you are considering upgrading your trial to a premium plan, we’d be delighted to have you as a confirmed customer. Our confirmed customers even get some additional benefits. By upgrading to a premium plan, you’ll be able to access below features:




To upgrade your plan, simply click on the ‘upgrade my plan’ button and our customer care executive will call within an hour to get some of your details for verification and easy installation of [product/service]. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for trying out our product, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards

[your name]

5. Final notice email

Subject: Your free trial is expiring today!

Dear [customer name]

This is a final reminder that your free trial to [product/service] is going to expire today, I.e [date]. Upon the expiration of the trial, you will lose access to [details]. We hope you’ve had a chance to explore the features and see the benefits that it can bring to your [business/life/industry]

If you liked our [product/service] and planning to continue using it, you can signup for a subscription by clicking on the link [link]. If you decide to continue with [company], you’ll unlock the below features and get additional personalized features which can be later added by you.

Features that will add are:




We also offer a variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets, and we’re confident that you’ll find one that works for you.

If you choose not to subscribe, your account will be automatically deactivated for the premium features. You will still be able to use the free version of [product/service]. As we’ll be very hurt to see you go, so please let us know if there’s anything we could do to help you out.

Thank you for using our trial. Hoping to hear back from you soon!

Kind regards


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Free trial expiration email subject line examples

  • The best decision start from here!

  • Grab the best deal now by upgrading your trial plan.

  • Your trial pack will expire soon!

  • You are about to lose your access to [product/service]!

  • Upgrade your plan to [detail]

  • Activate your [company] account

  • Welcome to the party [customer’s first name]

  • Join other [number] members of the premium family

  • [customer name], your trial ends soon

  • Hey [name], welcome to [company]

  • It’s time to add some features to your [product/service]

  • You are missing out on some fine deals!

  • Great features are waiting for you, [name]!

  • 25% off on premium subscriptions! Check now!

  • Your trial expires in [number] days

  • Looking to upgrade your trial plan?

  • Want your free trial extended? Up to 30% discount available.

Significance of free trial expiration emails for businesses

  • Improved brand reputation: Offering free trials to not now your customers promotes your brand eventually. If the customers really like your trial pack, they will definitely refer your product services to others, maybe on their social media or personally in person. But free trials definitely help improve brand image in the market.

  • Gain new customers: When people hear about your free trials, it automatically new customers to try out your products and services. Who doesn’t like free things? Customers who like trial packs definitely have a chance to convert into loyal customers.

  • Increases sales: Free trial plans attract customers even when they are not willing to purchase anything of such kind. Also, mostly the customers who opt for trial plans upgrade their trials to paid subscriptions leading to increased sales. Potential customers also refer the products or services to their friends, peers, or colleagues.

Challenges to consider

  • Budget: Email marketing campaigns are sometimes expensive. Therefore, whenever sending free trial emails, you should be sure about the customer email list and that they are truly your prospective customers and willing to buy paid subscriptions. If the budget gets disturbed, the email campaign is likely to fail.

  • Time: Companies should send emails as soon as their product is launched and should send relaunch emails too. So that the customers are aware of the launch and should prepare themselves for making a purchase.

  • Finding the right customers: It is very essential to segment your customer email list to know which customers are best for which type of email campaigns. Sending the right emails to the wrong customers can result in huge losses.

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