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Discounts are given by businesses to their customers to increase brand awareness, boost sales and attract new customers. However, giving away huge discounts needs a lot of R&D to prevent the business from losses. It gets tricky a lot of times due to many factors involving the successor discount campaigns. But customers love discounts! That’s the truth!

Customers eagerly wait for seasonal sales or surprise discounts to buy their favorite products or services. These steps also serve as an opportunity for businesses to make new customers and retain previous customers. Mostly the customers don’t make a purchase because of increased prices and, not because they do not like your products or services. Offering discounts and trying to persuade customers to make a purchase requires a lot of marketing through various mediums but emails are the most effective ones.

Best practices for discount emails

  • Clear and concise: Clear define your message while keeping the email brief. Include details like the expiration date of the discount and where the customers can avail of the discount. You have seconds of time to attract customers to your, so keep it attention-grabbing

  • Right tone & style: Addressing your customers in a polite tone where you are gifting something to them could serve you great results. Don’t keep it flat or formal but casual and yet interesting to read at the time.

  • Value-focused: Keep your email focused on the purpose you’re writing the email for; which is ‘offering discount’. Don’t distract your customers by including unnecessary information.

  • Leverage urgency: It is the most important part of writing a discount email. Generating a sense of urgency by adding an expiration date or a timer will manipulate your customers to act faster.

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Offering discount email templates

1. 2nd-time purchase discount

Subject: Discount available on 2nd purchase!

Hello [customer name]

Thanks for ordering with [company name]. We hope you’ll like using our [product/service]. Can’t wait to see you experience positive results.

As you are now our permanent customer, we would like to offer you a [x%] discount on your second purchase with us. Please accept this discount as a gift only for our new customers.

You can avail of the discount by [date].

All the best!

[company name]

2. Special discount

Subject: Special discount only for you!

Hey [customer name]

We saw that you haven’t made any purchases with us for the last 3 months. If it’s because of the increased prices, we’ve got you covered.

[company/brand] has brought a discount off [x%] on all products/services which can be availed through shopping with our website.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity like this. We want to see you back doing shopping from us.

Best wishes


3. Seasonal sale discount

Subject: Summer sale is at your doorstep. Shop now!

Hi [customer name]

Congratulations! As you are our loyal customer, you are eligible for an extra [x%] discount on all our products. You can do your shopping through our website or visit a nearby [company] store.

Just use the code: [code] to avail the extra discount. Customer support may also require your name and address for verification when shopping through our website. Please share the correct details.

Enjoy shopping!



Discount request email templates

1. General discount request

Subject: A request from your loyal customer

Hello [brand representative]

Hope you are doing well. This is your loyal customer for 2 years and I’ve always been so satisfied with your [products/service]. Your craftsmanship and customer support team are very cooperative when it comes to personalized services.

However, I’m a little out of budget currently and I was hoping if I could get a discount on [product/service].

Looking forward to hearing from you.


[customer name]

2. Bulk order discount

Subject: Looking to buy over [no. of products] products from you!

Dear [brand representative]

As you know that I am your regular customer, and this time I’m willing to give a bulk order for [product]. Your products have helped me and my family immensely.

Since there are discounts going on on your website, I wanted to request a discount on bulk orders.

Details of the order are:


As a thank you for your favor, I will continue promoting your brand through a word of mouth and help you gain new customers. Just like I’ve always done.

Wish to hear from you soon!

Kind regards

[customer name]

3. Special discount request

Subject: Request for special discount

Hello [brand representative]

I believe we’re not connecting for the first time. Therefore, you know who I am. in case you don’t, I am your regular customer for the past 6 years and I’ve almost purchased from your brands for over 200 times.

I know it’s a big number and in view of this, I was hoping if I could get a special discount. Also, my payments are always on time and when it comes to sharing positive feedback, I’m at the top of your customer list.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding the proposal. Please let me know if it is acceptable to you.

Thank You


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Discount request-response email templates

1. Accepting a discount request

Subject: Discount request accepted

Dear [customer]

We reviewed your request for a discount on [product/service] and we want to congratulate you that your request has been approved by [company]. As you are our loyal customer and your request is genuine, we are willing to offer you an additional 20% discount on [product/service].

Your contributions are remarkable to [company] and we would like to strengthen this relationship by featuring you in one of our case studies which would be published on our website and social media channels. We hope we are not asking too much from you.

Looking forward to your response.

Best wishes

[company name]

2. Rejecting a discount request

Subject: Discount request rejected

Dear [customer name]

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest in our [product/service] but unfortunately, we cannot consider your discount request at this moment. Sorry for disappointing you but our sale ended a few days ago. A special discount to you would be unfair to our other loyal customers who would have to pay more price for the same product. We hope you understand our stand.

However, we can add you to our newsletter subscription list where you would receive emails informing you about upcoming sales or ongoing discounts.

If you’re willing to subscribe to our newsletter, please click on the ‘subscribe’ button below.


For more information, please contact our customer support. We’re here to help!

Kind regards

[company name]

3. Negotiating a discount request

Subject: Reply to your discount request

Hello [customer]

Thank you for contacting us. We are currently reviewing your request made for an additional discount. Although we are not running any discount campaigns right now but, we could consider your request after knowing a little bit more about your pain points.

If you’re available for a quick call with our specialist anytime in the next week, it would be easier for us to understand your request and offer some solution to it.

Please let us know if that works for you.

Kind regards


Discount email subject line examples

  • [x%] discount available on all products

  • Get [x%] off on all items!

  • Buy your favorite products at [x%] discount now!

  • Our winter sale is live. Up to 50% discount available

  • [x%] off on every product

  • The discount request has been approved

  • Discounts request has been rejected

  • Request for a special discount

  • Don’t miss [x%] discount on every order

  • Discount code inside. Avail now!

  • Thank you for being our customer. Get [x%] discount!

  • Discount is here!

Tips for businesses to respond to discount emails

Businesses generally receive a lot of discount request emails from customers on a daily basis. But only a few of them are reasonable and worth giving a discount on. In such a situation, how does a business cope with every sort of customer and handle the situation without having to lose a customer in a case where it’s a ‘no’.

  • Always speak to the customer personally so as to why he/she is looking for a discount. It is important to know the genuine reason behind their asking for a discount when there’s no discount campaign running live.

  • Try to make them understand that your prices are genuine and how their product/service serves them better when compared to other competitors. This way, the customers will value your services and may agree to pay the full price.

  • You may deny the request politely by giving them some extra benefits like; free training, extended warranty, free samples, etc.

  • When agreeing to give a discount, ask for a favor in return like; giving feedback, a feature for a case study, extending the contract, etc.

  • Before agreeing to give a discount, know the proposed price asked by the customers. If that price serves your terms, then only give the discount.

  • If you will directly give a discount to the customer, you may present yourself as an undervalued business. So, be confident about the quality of your product or service and accept that what you are charging is reasonable for the quality you’re providing.

  • Always negotiate the discount deal as it will be a win-win situation for both of you.

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