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Case study emails are a type of marketing email that tells a specific success story about how a company or person used a particular product or service to solve a problem or achieve a goal. They typically include measurable results and customer testimonials in addition to a brief overview of the circumstance, the difficulties encountered, and the solution implemented.

Because they provide real-world examples of how a product or service can address specific pain points, case study emails are effective at establishing credibility and trust with potential customers. Additionally, they demonstrate industry expertise and the capacity to produce measurable outcomes. When creating an email for a case study, it’s critical to emphasize the customer’s experience and clearly communicate the solution’s advantages. The success story can also be more effectively communicated by including relevant visuals like graphs and charts.

Elements of a powerful case study email

  • Keep it concise: Your email should be short and to the point. Start with a compelling subject line that highlights the key benefit of the case study, and include a brief introduction that explains what the case study is about.

  • Attention-grabbing headline: The headline of your case study should be attention-grabbing and highlight the main benefit or outcome achieved by your customer.

  • Narrate your story: People are more likely to remember a story than a list of facts. Use the case study to tell a compelling story about how your product or service helped solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal.

  • Customer-centric email: The case study should be about the customer, not your product or service. Use quotes from the customer to demonstrate how they benefited from working with you.

  • Use visuals: Include images or graphics to break up the text and make the case study more engaging. This could include photos of the customer, screenshots of your product, or infographics.

  • Easy to read: Use short paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points to make the case study easy to scan and read quickly.

  • Include CTA: The end of your case study email should include a clear call to action, such as a link to learn more about your product or service, or an invitation to schedule a demo.

  • Personalization: If possible, personalize the email by addressing the recipient by name and including any relevant information about their business or industry.

  • Optimization: Test different subject lines, headlines, and content to see what resonates best with your audience. Use this data to optimize future case study emails.

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Case study email example

1. Success stories of clients

Dear [recipient’s name]

We are excited to share with you the success story of one of our clients. Our client [Company Name] faced a significant challenge and partnered with us to find a solution. Through a collaborative effort, we were able to achieve [result].

We believe that this case study will be useful for you as it demonstrates our expertise and the value we provide to our clients. Please find the attached case study to learn more about the challenges our client faced, the solution we provided, and the measurable results.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Best regards

[your name]

2. Positive feedback

Dear [name]

I recently saw your positive feedback for our [product/service] on our [platform] and I’m glad that we’ve been of some help to you. Your so sweet feedback really made our day!

But this email has been sent to you for asking a favor from you. We’re building a case study library and we thought your story will lighten up the library. You are our valued customer and we value your feedback.

If you could help us out by sharing your success story of using [product/service] with us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance. Also, it’s not mandatory to share the feedback, it’s up to your choice.

Thanks for giving us your valuable time.

Kind regards


3. Retry product/service

Hello [recipient’s name]

Congratulations on your purchase for [product/service] bought from [brand]. We hope you are liking it and using it well.

For the past few months, many users have shared their positive feedback with us regarding the same product you purchased. That’s why we’re sharing a case study with you prepared by us to show you how effectively you can use [product/service].

Also, this case study has been prepared by honest reviews from our verified buyers which are a social proof of how [product/service] has helped people overcome their problems. The case study will clear all your doubts and prevent you from searching a lot of stuff online.

If you have any queries we’re happy to help.

Best regards


4. Requesting participation from a client

Hello [recipient’s name]

We hope you’re happy about the success of our recent cooperation on [project] together.

As per our analysis, our [product/service] helped you to:

Achievement 1

Achievement 2

Achievement 3

Therefore, we are sharing a case study with you of our work altogether. It will give you an insight on our previous work.

Please let us know if you agree or if you need more information.

Best wishes


5. End-of-your-case study request email

Hello [recipient’s name]

The 20xx year is about to end but ending with new beginnings. Therefore, we thank you for your support and for being with us this year. We are happy that you received fantastic results from our [product/service] this year. So, we wanted to know if you’d be interested to get featured for one of our case studies which are to be published on our website.

As you are our loyal customer, it would be great if you’ll share your experiences with our other customers. Your expert advice will help them understand [product/service] better.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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Case study email subject lines

  • How we increased sales by 50%: A case study

  • How our marketing strategy lead to a 200% ROI

  • How we improved customer satisfaction by 30%

  • Case study: How we reduced churn rate by 40% in 3 months

  • How our company grew by 300%: A case study

  • How we achieved a 95% open rate with email marketing?

  • Our SEO strategy led to a 50% increase in organic traffic

  • Case study: How we cut costs by 25%

  • How we increased the conversion rate by 80%

  • Case study: We successfully launched a new product in a competitive market

Significance of case study emails

  • Builds credibility and trust: When potential customers see that others have successfully used your product or service, they are more likely to trust your brand and believe that your product or service can help them as well.

  • Provides social proof: Case studies provide social proof that your product or service has worked for others, making it more appealing to potential customers who may be on the fence about whether to make a purchase.

  • Demonstrates real-world applications: Case studies offer concrete examples of how your product or service can be used to solve real-world problems, making it easier for potential customers to understand how your product or service could benefit them.

  • Shows value proposition: Case studies often highlight the unique features and benefits of your product or service, making it easier for potential customers to see the value proposition of your offering.

Ways to use case studies

  • Marketing/Sales asset: Case studies are a representation of successful stories from your customers which acts as a positive review book for new customers. It contains all the information in detail about the [product/service] which leaves new customers with zero doubts and helps compare with your competitors.

  • On the website: Use the case study on your website as a separate webpage especially dedicated to the case study. This will help your customers directly jump to the success stories to see how your [product/service] helped previous customers.

  • Implement slide CTAs: Implementing slide-in CTAs works super effectively for businesses unmaking conversions. But you don’t have to include too many CTAs, instead, use small pop-ups which convey your message or disturb the customer while going through the case study.

  • Use on landing pages: Your case study consists of many customer quotes which can be used on landing pages as they will have a positive impact on customers who are considering buying your products/services.

  • Create social media posts: Creating and promoting content on social media has shown effective results for various businesses. It is very useful for customers who are new to your business.

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