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Cancelation emails are a type of informant to inform others about something which has been canceled or is about to end. Such emails are occupied with the reason behind the cancelation, any reimbursement or refund that may be applicable, and how the first has other alternatives. It also has options where a customer can easily come back without feeling embarrassed.

Cancelation emails are used worldwide for personal and professional reasons and these are an effective way to communicate important information to the recipient quickly. It ensures that the sender and the recipient are on the same page of understanding to prevent confusion or misunderstandings.

Best practices for sending cancelation emails

  • Show respect: Whenever writing a cancelation email, ensure to use a professional tone and style. Also, show gratitude for being a loyal customer and respect their decision of not to continue the services with you. Being polite and generous is the best way to say ‘no’ or receive a rejection.

  • Punctuality: Always keep the tracker updated with every customer’s details as to when their sessions are going to expire and remind them before their subscription gets expired. When canceling an event or a meeting, pre-inform your attendees as a matter of integrity.

  • Make an offer: It may happen sometimes that your customers are not ready to afford your services or products, therefore, they cancel the subscription. Here, you can help them by offering a decent discount to retain them back as your customers.

  • Ask for feedback: With a polite tone, you can ask your customers to share feedback or reason as to why they discontinued the relationship with you and hence how can you improve to exceed their expectations.

  • Suggest similar alternatives: Try to understand your customer’s reason for cancelation and upon understanding, you can suggest to them some similar products or services which are up to the expectations of the customer.

  • Succinct: When the customer has already canceled the subscription, he would not like to be entertained further. Therefore, keep the cancelation email short and brief. It is the best way to win back them.

  • Apologization: Because the user wants to cancel their terms with you for any reason, always express the sorrow that you are sad to see them go and at the same time, you respect their decisions.

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Cancelation email formats

  • Cancelation email subject line: Your email’s subject line should hold clarity with the message you’re trying to convey. Do not confuse your customer with unclear subject lines.

  • Cancelation email body: The body of an email is an important part of the structure of any email. If you already have a relationship with the customer, you may keep the tone conversational but ensure to mention all the details by keeping your message brief.

  • Cancelation email closing: This is an opportunity for the business to take advantage of. You can use this moment to ask for confirmation from your customers. This will give them an extra chance to rethink their decision.

Cancelation email templates

1. Meeting cancelation email

Hi [name]

As we were supposed to connect at [time] on [date] but I’m so sorry to convey that some urgency has come up. Therefore, I won’t be able to connect with you.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. However, I’ve shared some alternate dates with you that work for me. I request you to rearrange the meeting at any time which is mutually suited.

Once again, I am very sorry for not being able to connect with you but will catch up shortly.

Please acknowledge the mail.

Kind regards


2. Job interview cancelation email

Hello [hr’s name]

This is to inform you that I, [your name] will not be able to attend the interview at the previously agreed time as I’ll be occupied somewhere at that time.

Therefore, I request you, to reschedule the interview for [date&time]. Please let me know if the times match your availability or not.

Apologies for any conveniences.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

[your name]

3. Subscription email

Hi [recipient’s name]

This is to inform you that I want to cancel my subscription to [service/product]. Tried contacting your support team but couldn’t reach them.

Below are my details:


Please confirm with me when you have canceled my subscription.

Thank you

[your name]

4. Subscription canceled email-Business perspective

Hey [customer name]

We have received your request to cancel your subscription with us. We’re very sorry that we couldn’t stand up to your expectations and we’ll miss you.

But this isn’t the forever ending of our relationship. You can always come back. Our doors are open for you.

If you still need time to re-think about the cancelation of your subscription, we will extend your subscription for five days more for free.

Also, feel free to contact us if you need us.

Best of luck!


5. Account deactivation email

Hi [recipient’s name]

We haven’t seen any activity in your account for a long time. [products/services] are automatically deactivated after [no of days] days. If you continue your [service] with us, please click the ‘continue services’ button below.

We had a delightful journey with you and would love you to stick around but, we understand that you decided to discontinue for some important reasons and we respect that.

However, if you ever want to come back, we’ll be right here waiting for you!

All the best!


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Cancelation email subject line examples

  • We’ll miss you [recipient’s name]

  • Oops! Let’s reschedule.

  • Important update: cancelation of our meeting

  • Regretfully canceling our meeting

  • Sorry to cancel, but we need to reschedule

  • Meeting canceled: Please forgive the inconvenience

  • Sorry, something came up! Canceling our appointment

  • Postponing our meeting: Unexpected conflict

  • Sorry to upset you! Meeting canceled

  • Your subscription has been canceled

  • We don’t want you to leave

  • Your subscription is expiring in [no of days] days

  • Would like to try our [product/service] again

  • Oh-oh! Payment not received

Reasons behind cancelation

  • Poor onboarding: Give your users an easy smooth onboarding process. Asking for too many details will churn them back and you’ll never hear from them again.

  • Lack of support: Help your customers at every step of their journey with you, especially when starting out with you. Establish a strong customer support team.

  • Lack of features: Customers come to you to solve their issues and if your service/product will not help them, it is likely to lose them by not being able to serve enough features to the table.

  • Bugs and glitches: Ensure to have a strong back-end team for a smooth user interface. An application or website with too many bugs and glitches will cost you lose a lot of customers. Invest in good development.

  • Pricing issues: Charging too much for a product or service when cheaper options are available in the market will divert your customers to your competitors. Always charge genuine price only.

When to send canceling emails

  • User knowingly canceled the subscription: When your customer cancels their subscription, immediately email them apologizing for any bad experiences they’ve had with you. Thank them for staying with you, and offer a better alternative to them. You can even ask for the reason they unsubscribed you and then accordingly you can make an offer.

  • Cancelation automatically occurs: In such a case, feeling sorry is the best thing to do because you didn’t remind your customer of their subscription expiry date. Keep your trackers updated and politely ask your customers to renew their subscriptions.

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