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Referral Email B2B Example

Referral emails are the only kind that guarantees immediate success. All around the world, referral emails have generated some of the best revenues of all marketing strategies.

Referral emails are emails sent out to existing customers who have had positive experiences with the brand before to refer the same services to some of their peers. Sending referrals emails costs less and profits more to the brands and they also have a very low retention rate. Referral emails are very useful because people prefer services and products which are referred by their friends or colleagues. Referrals directly influence the decision-making of the prospective customer to take positive action.

Tips to remember before sending referral emails

  • Do you have enough active customers? It is an important step to ensure before you start your referral program. A list of happy existing customers and potential customers is crucial to the program as referral emails can’t be sent to anybody just like that.

  • Can you afford to have new customers? Onboarding new customers requires a lot of investment financially and operationally. You must have a team of people or customer support executives to handle the influx of new clients.

  • Do you have a referral tracker system? Referral programs need to be tracked at every step of communication with customers. When sending mass emails, it becomes necessary to invest in referral tracker software to manage the process.

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Referral email b2b templates

1. Ask for a referral from an existing customer

Hi [customer]

We’re glad that you are happy with our [product/service] and it was a great time working with you. We knew we would be of use to you and we’re happy to see the smile on your face and the improvement in your growth.

As you are satisfied with our [product/service], we were hoping if you could refer our [product/service] to someone in your known who may need our assistance. We would love to help them just as we did you.

Your consideration will be of help and appreciated by us!



2. After a customer makes a repurchase

Hey [name],

Thank you so much for trusting us again. [company] is happy to serve you and would continue serving because your purchases encourage us to keep us going.

As we can see, you are happy with our [product/service] and you’ve seen quick results, we were wondering if you could help someone get the same results. It could be anyone you know who might need our [product/service] to grow and improve.

If you want to share details of the referral, you can click on the link [link] here and enter the details. Our support team will contact them as soon as possible.

Best regards


3. Offering an incentive referral email

Hello [customer]

Congratulations on receiving the best results from our [product/service]. We’re glad to fulfill your expectations. Nothing makes us happier than our happy customers.

Since you were happy with the results, it would be very kind of you if you could share some referrals for the [product/service] you opted for. Your contributions will not be forgotten but once your referral becomes our customer, we will give you a reward of a 15% discount on your next purchase with us.

For details, you can revert back to us on the same email.

Thank you again!


4. After a positive review posted on social media

Hi [customer name]

We regularly check our social media platforms to look out for our customer’s reviews and we found yours in that. Your review with positive remarks meant a lot to us. We were overwhelmed by the efforts you made to share the feedback with others and we show our gratitude to you!

As you were happy with our [product/service], we would love if you refer our [product/service] to your friends and family who may need us. We would love to assist them in their growth journey.

Your help will be a kind gesture and as a token of appreciation, we will give you an extra 10% off on your next order with us.

Thank you!


5. Thanking a long-term customer for a referral

Hi [customer]

Your presence has lightened up our relationship with you. The long long years we’ve spent together are memorable and still cherished by us.

We just wanted to let you know that we are working on a project which could be launched anytime soon and as a favor, we request you to share a referral with us; anyone whom you know.

Project details are:


We hope someone in your contact might need this [product/service]. We promise to serve them as sincerely as we served you.

Upon having your referral as our connection, we would automatically credit $*** to your bank account to show our gratitude for your help.

We look forward to talking to you soon.


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Referral email b2b subject line examples

  • Your efforts never go unnoticed!

  • We want your help!

  • Help us find a new customer!

  • Our way of saying thanks

  • Grab your discount now

  • Refer a friend and get $20

  • New referral program! Join now and get 15%off

  • Inviting referrals! Help your mates now!

Referral email best practices

  • Subject line worth opening: A good opening line should spark the customer’s interest and convince them to open your mail and continue reading. You can follow A/B testing before starting the referral program.

  • Clear purpose: People receive a lot of emails daily. Hence, keep your email direct which doesn’t confuse your audience. People directly want to know what your want from them and keeping your message twisted will make you lose even 2 customers.

  • Create connection: Keep your tone polite while engaging with your customers and try to make a humane connection with them. Your customers should feel like they already know you very well or you are their friend.

  • Offer a discount/incentive: Giving your customers an incentive is a sort of bait to ask for a referral but it works most of the time. Offering something valuable in return will motivate them to share the details of the referral with you.

  • Appreciation: Never ever forget to show respect and gratitude to your customers. Showing appreciation will open many more doors for you as a business. It will help establish a healthy connection with your client.

  • Attention to design: As per human psychology, we humans look at the visual first, the text later. Therefore, if your visuals are not appealing to the customers, they will not try hard to even look at your written content.

  • Easy process: Make it easy for your customers to share referrals with you by adding a simple link itself in the mail. You may also add links to social media which will help them directly share the details there.

When to use a referral email example?

  • Customers are aware: You must ensure that your customers are aware of the referral program conducted by you. This way, they will not feel bombarded with the anonymous email and will actually connect you to someone who they think would require your services.

  • Established credibility: Once you have established a strong and credible relationship with your customers, only then ask them for a referral. Customers will be happy to help you when they can trust you with the services you offer.

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