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Acquisition email marketing refers to sending emails to prospects for engagement and awareness purposes. The process requires the business to collect the database of prospective customers through website opt-ins or social media and usually, sending a newsletter is the best idea!

Every marketer is aware of ‘List churn’ and they know how important it is to seek out new customers and convert them into leads.

Every business loses a number of customers each year for various reasons and to bridge this loss faced by businesses, they take assistance from acquisition emails. Sending acquisition emails brings in new customers to balance out the loss and improve revenue generation. In simple words, acquisition emails help you win new customers with whom you don’t hold any relationship.

Best practices for acquisition email marketing

  1. Subject line: writing an interesting subject line that grabs the attention of your prospect is the one email that is going to be opened by the customer. If you don’t write a catchy subject line, your email would either go unnoticed or in the junk section.

  2. Proper CTA: Inform and educate your customers about what the next step has to be taken after reading your mail. You may direct them to subscribe to you, make them visit your website, or ask them to share your message with others.

  3. Address pain points: Before reaching out to your customer, learn about your customer’s issues and address them while sending an email. This gesture will make your customers feel needed as they’ll see someone is noticing their problems and offering to help.

  4. Appreciation: Never forget to appreciate your customer for opening and reading your email as they receive many emails on a daily basis; your email should reflect gratitude towards the customers for their efforts.

  5. Offer value: Upon understanding your customer’s pain points, offer them a solution to their issues and problems. This way your email will be much more to the customer.

  6. Personalization: Personalization can make or break your email marketing campaign. Start considering opening your email by calling your customers by their name and gradually addressing their pain points which are their own pain points and not of other customers.

  7. Respect rejection: Not every email you send is going to convert into a lead or have some response. Many customers will unsubscribe, block or delete your mail but you have to understand their decision and give them respect for it. Sometimes showing respect might even bring them back to you.

  8. Proofreading: A must step before clicking the send button. After so much invested time in looking out for customers and then preparing a whole campaign, you’ll not like yourself getting rejected because of a typo, grammatical, structural, or punctuation error. Re-read before you send it!

  9. Be succinct: In today’s market where inboxes of customers are filled with cold emails, try to keep your email as short as possible. It might get a chance to be read by your prospect. Nobody has time to read long emails until they are so interesting that they keep you readers hooked till the end.

  10. Be honest: When reaching out to prospects or even people who are already your customers; share only accurate information with them. This will build credibility and strengthen your relationship with the customer.

  11. Insert visuals: The use of attractive visuals makes your email look nice and encourages reader to continue reading.

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Acquisition email templates

1. Startup brand email

Hello [customer]

We at [platform] noticed you tried looking for [product]. First of all, you have a very good choice of selecting products and we would like to suggest you some similar products from emerging brands.

Take a look at some amazing features:




How it will benefit you:




We hope you liked our product. For more information, you can simply click our [website] and which will directly lead you to the product page.

Wish to hear from you soon and thanks for taking out your valuable time to read our message.



2. Offering a solution to a problem

Hey [customer]

We noticed that you are facing some issues with your [product/service]. [company] understands the pain of not being able to finish your tasks on time because of [product] issues.

But don’t worry, we’re here to solve your problem. We at [company] offer [product/service] to resolve your [issue details].

How we solve your problem:




You can reach out to us at [cpntact] for more details or visit our physical store located at [address]

After you’ve made your query, our customer support team will reach out to you to share whatever you need to know about your issues and our product/service.

Your response is awaited


3. Follow-up email

Hello [customer’s first name]

I interacted with you on [platform/channel] and I’m glad to share that I really liked your views and the knowledge on [topic]. Your perspective enlightened me and persuaded me to change my thinking on the same.

Would love to connect with you via call someday as per your availability. I have some interesting tools to share with you for enhancing our knowledge on the subject.

Ping me up whenever you want at [contact]

Hope to hear from you soon!


4. Thanking for subscribing

Hi [customer name]

Thank you for subscribing to [company]

Now you have access to [details]

For feedback or query, reach out to us at [contact]

Hope you like our services. Thanks for reading!

Best wishes


5. Still interested email

Hey [customer]

We haven’t heard from you in a while, hope everything is alright. Just wanted to check in with you how things were going with our previous [product/service the customer looked for]. We still have some amazing offers going on for [product].

Would love to catch up someday to see if there are any possibilities of our partnership where we can share ideas or if we may be able to offer some help to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you


6. Did you find your best product?

Hi [customer]

Did you get a chance to find a product that fits all your requirements?

We’ve helped a large number of customers like yours through our [product] which has solved the problems of 99% of our customers within a short span of time.

Our [product] focuses on the following issues faced by our customers:




If you are still interested in knowing more about [product], we can discuss the same via mail, call, text or whatever you may prefer.

Wish to hear from you soon.


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Acquisition email subject line examples

  • We have an opportunity for you!

  • Never miss such an opportunity!

  • We hold a secret gift for you.

  • A small piece of advice for you regarding [product/service]

  • Thanks for subscribing!

  • Live sale on [platform]. Avail [%] discount now.

  • Use coupon code [code] to avail [%] discount

  • Hurray! You will now receive all the latest updates from us

  • We are waiting for your confirmation

Benefits of acquisition emails

  • Large audience base: Acquisition emails come at the leverage of sending emails to a larger audience at once which saves a lot of time and money for the business.

  • Increases conversion: Needless to say, acquisition emails help to increase conversions by providing a clear CTA and a genuine reason for the customer to take necessary action.

  • Build brand awareness: Sending regular acquisition emails helps to build brand awareness of the emerging businesses and makes your customers remember your brand.

  • Drive revenue: The more conversion your business makes, the more revenue it generates. It encourages potential customers to reach out to you and take action.

  • Improves customer engagement: Customer acquisition emails are target based and for specific audiences only. Therefore, it helps the business to build and strengthen its relationship with its customers.

Don’ts of acquisition emails

  • Buying of email lists from vendors: it is suggested to create your own email database as it will be more authentic and credible to trust with the information you’re sharing.

  • Sending generic emails: Personalization is the key when sending customer acquisition emails. As it is the first time you’re reaching your customer, it must be personalized as per the data you have of the customer.

  • Not sending a welcome email: Not welcoming your customer at the right time or not welcoming at all is the worst mistake any business can make. Greet your customers to make them feel valued and important to you.

  • Not proofreading your email: A single error in the email can cost you a lost customer which means lost revenue. Make sure to write error-free content.

  • Ignoring analytics: Before preparing for any email campaign, take a look at your previous analytics. It can help you make the right decisions and design the right type of content.

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