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Abandoned Cart Emails

Retaining customers after they’ve left their products in the cart is all the art of persuasion. This persuasion takes place through sending abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned cart emails are also a tactic used by businesses to boost sales and recover potential leads. Shopping carts when abandoned are a huge loss for businesses but data suggests that 10% of sales can be recovered with the right email marketing strategy.

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to customers to remind them of the incomplete purchase. It may happen for several reasons but businesses can definitely make it easy for the customer to complete the check-out process.

Abandoned cart email sequences

Abandoned cart emails are meant to be sent multiple times as the customer may ignore it for the first time or even forget about it. Therefore, it requires the business to send emails to update the customers about their carts.

  • Cart reminder: Such emails are sent a few hours later after the cart was abandoned by the customer. It reminds the customer of the product left behind and completes the payment.

  • Follow-up: A follow-up email is sent after a few days of abandonment of the cart. It is sent to update the customer about what they’ve missed.

  • Promotional discount: This email is sent after a few days of sending a follow-up email or when found that the customer has not taken any action after sending two emails. Hence, brands try to persuade customers by offering additional discounts.

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Abandoned cart email templates

1. Payment incomplete

Subject: Your order is incomplete.

Hey [customer],

We noticed that you couldn’t complete your order purchase for the product [product details]. We hope we didn’t disappoint you.

Anyways, your products are safe in our cart and you can have a look at them whenever you want.

We’ll hold your favorite products for you!

Wish to see you soon


2. Reminder email

Subject: Don’t forget about your products

Dear [customer],

We noticed that you left some items in your shopping cart without completing your purchase. We wanted to remind you that your items are still available and waiting for you! If you’re ready to complete your purchase, simply click the button below and you’ll be taken right to your cart.

Thank you for considering our products, and we hope to see you soon!

Best regards


3. Urgency email

Subject: Your items are almost gone!

Dear [customer],

Did you leave some items in your cart and forgot?

We wanted to let you know that these items are in high demand, and there are only a few left in stock! Don’t miss out on your chance to get them.

Have a look at your items again!

Best regards


4. Incentive email

Subject: Come back and save 10%

Hi [customer]

We hope you are missing your items. To make it worth your time and money, we’ve given you a special discount of 10% on the items left in the cart.

To avail the discount, complete your order within the next three days. Just hit the ‘place an order’ button and Taaaaddaaa! Your order is complete!


If you face any issues while placing an order, don’t hesitate to contact us.



5. Reminder email

Subject: Forgot something important?

Hey [customer]

We hope you are doing well. [company] just noticed that you left some items in your cart. Please come back [customer] and review your favorite items again.

However, we really liked your choice of choosing items. Great choice!

If you need anything from us, just know that WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

Our executives will support you at every step of your journey with [company]

Wish to see you soon.


6. Complaint email

Subject: Looks like you called our name.

Hi [customer]

We heard about your query made for an item with [details]. First of all, we apologize for your inconvenience with us and we promise to resolve this asap.

Our customers are very valuable to us and your feedback is taken seriously. We are currently working on your issue regarding [product].

Until then, you can check out your previous items left in the cart and complete your order. You will also receive some extra redeem points which can be availed when the next purchase will be made from your end.

More concerns? Call us now at xxxxxxxx



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Abandoned cart email subject line examples

  • We missed you. Did you miss us?

  • Your cart is waiting for you!

  • Don’t let your cart wait for you for so long.

  • Hurray! You are now eligible for 20% off

  • Hurry up! Items are being sold out soon!

  • Only 2 left in stock! Order now.

  • Your cart will expire in 3 days.

  • Free shipping on your items in the cart.

  • Come back to us! We wish to see you.

  • Huge discounts on items in your cart

  • Did you forget something?

  • Your items are sneaking up on you!

  • 20% off on your purchases with[company]

  • Your favorites are in here! Open me!

Abandoned cart email best strategies

  • Attention-grabbing subject line: Including interesting subject lines will trigger your customers to open it and review their cart again. You could give them discounts or offers to stimulate interest.

  • Correct timings & frequency: Timing is an important factor. Sending emails at the wrong time can harm you more than the advantage of sending on right time. Send abandoned cart emails a few hours after the customer has left his cart.

  • Personalization: Abandoned cart emails are very sensitive and important for businesses. Therefore, it must be customized and personalized for each customer accordingly. You can address your customer by calling them by their first name, adding specific details of the product they were looking for, or suggesting similar products.

  • Include CTA: The purpose of your email is to trigger the customer to complete the order and make payment. It is the very last step of any buying journey and if the customer bounces back at this stage, it’s a huge loss of the business. Hence, don’t forget your customer to lead him/her to the final step of taking an action.

  • Attach testimonials: Customers prefer products or services with positive reviews and comments and you can take advantage of this fact by sharing positive feedback from previous customers with them. This will encourage them to make a purchase even faster.

  • Enticing visuals: Visuals play a key role in any email marketing strategy. Customers look first and read later and if they didn’t find your visuals appealing, they won’t even read the text. Work harder on your designs so as to attract customers towards you.

Reasons for cart abandonment

  • Extra costs: Be honest with your customers from the start by awarding them the extra charges including taxes, shipping charges, and fees.

  • Creating another account: Ensure to check functionality issues before making your application or website live. Asking to create a new account creates a sense of doubt in the mind of the customers that you don’t trust them.

  • Website errors: Sometimes due to heavy traffic or other reasons, the website stops responding which directly affects the revenue of the business. Hence, check your server and website regularly for improvements.

  • No SSL: Customers will not trust a website without SSL with his/her credit/debit card details. Also, websites without SSL are a meal for hackers and viruses.

  • Late delivery: Customers are very excited about their orders and they want it as soon as possible. In case of late delivery, they will opt for another platform that provides easy delivery of their purchase.

  • Not enough payment methods: This is also a huge turn-off for customers when there aren’t enough payment methods. Ensure to work on the same and ease out the check-out process for customers.

  • Return policy not satisfactory: When making an online purchase, doubts are always there about the quality and other kinds of stuff, hence poor return policies will return your customers eventually.

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