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Add a dedicated Zoom chatbot to your Zoom account and automate your meetings and appointments.

How to make a Zoom Bot in 3 easy steps

To create your own Zoom Bot, follow the steps given below:

  1. Enter the name for your Zoom chatbot

    A name helps personalize your Zoom meeting bot for your audiences. Choose a unique name that stands out.

  2. Select a type for your Zoom bot

    Choose the bot type based on what you want your Zoom bot to do. From scheduling to interviews, your Zoom bot can achieve anything you want.

  3. Launch your bot

    Give your bot a design and tweak its bot flow according to your requirements. Once done, simply embed it into your Zoom account and your bot for Zoom is good to go!

What are the benefits of creating a chatbot for Zoom?

  • Automates your work

    A bot for Zoom meetings can help automate certain processes. A dedicated Zoom bot will be able to automatically send reminders and links to your co-workers and automate your meetings. Apart from that, it can also be used to schedule future meetings automatically.

  • Answers co-worker questions

    Given the mountain of work, all of us are expected to complete, forgetting small things can be a problem. Just before a meeting begins, your co-workers can ask your Zoom meeting bot about the purpose of the meeting.

  • Acts as a personal assistant

    For a person using the chatbot for Zoom, it acts like a personal assistant that can take care of small important tasks before every meeting. It can set appointments, send reminders, notify for emergency meetings, and much more.

Key Features of Appy Pie’s Zoom Bot Builder

  • Easy to Use

    Appy Pie’s chatbot builder offers an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface perfect for making chatbots without coding. The Zoom bot builder can be customized according to your needs.

  • Complete control on Botflow

    You get to decide exactly how your bot flow works. With an Appy Pie Zoom meeting bot, you can customize your chatbot’s flow without needing to code. You can even create a completely custom chatbot for Zoom meetings.

  • Design customization

    Appy Pie’s chatbot builder allows users to choose their preferred design and customize the bot as per their choices. Users can design the content on Widget pages also.

  • No watermarks or Appy Pie branding

    We believe that your chatbot should be your own. Appy Pie’s Zoom bot builder has watermarks, ads, or Appy Pie branding. Once you create a Zoom bot, the only bot it has is your own.

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