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Telegram bot is software that can be integrated into Telegram groups and channels to increase the efficiency of an instant messaging app. It helps you have a user-friendly interaction with customers, optimizing your product sales and further boosting your business revenue.

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How to create a Telegram chatbot in 3 easy steps?

To create a Telegram bot on your own, follow these steps:

Enter the name
Enter the name Type the name of your Telegram bot that suits your business.
Choose a type of Bot
Choose a type of Bot Select the type as “Telegram bot”.
Publish your Telegram chatbot
Publish your Telegram chatbot Test, customize, and publish your Telegram chatbot.

Benefits of Telegram Bot

Free Conversation Tool

Free Conversation Tool

Irrespective of the number of queries your Telegram bot handles in a day and the purpose you deploy it to your channels and groups, it is completely free. Whether you share text, images, videos, or voice messages within your team or with your users with the help of the Telegram bot, you need not spend anything extra.

Increases User Engagement

Increases User Engagement

Telegram bots for groups can effectively be used to engage with both your customers and potential target audience. By customizing design and adding a personalized touch in the conversation flow of your Telegram bot, you can humanize your bot for interacting with users and further generating leads and nurturing customers.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

With the help of Telegram chatbot, you can serve your customers 24/7 and assure them that every query will get resolved in minutes. Based on the chat history of users and bot, you can find out common queries and set up a conversational flow of your Telegram chatbot accordingly so that your bot can serve majority of the customers.

Instant Feedback System

Instant Feedback System

Telegram bot is an effective medium to request instant feedback from customers. Unlike emails which are often ignored or land in the users’ spam folder, the Telegram bot automatically sends text messages to customers either in a group or in-person to get feedback.

Marketing and Advertising Tool

Marketing and Advertising Tool

A Telegram bot is one of the best tools to market and advertise your brand. Unlike expensive banners, mailing campaigns, and many more, the Telegram bot instantly sends a message at a scheduled time to the targeted audience be it the announcement of a new product launch or any other update.

Why Choose Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder to make a Telegram Bot?

No coding skills required
No coding skills required

Irrespective of your programming knowledge or experience, you can create a Telegram bot on your own with Appy Pie’s Telegram chatbot builder. It offers hundreds of customizable templates and editing tools and lets you create a Telegram bot without any coding!

Humanize your chatbot

To ensure that your Telegram chatbot does not sound robotic, our software offers tools to customize the conversation flow and text.

Humanize your chatbot
Bot Analytics
Bot Analytics

Appy Pie’s Telegram bot maker offers a feature to collect and analyze data for developing advanced marketing strategies. You can easily keep track of users’ interests, their queries, feedback, and much more and analyze the collected data to improve your Telegram bot.

Multi-language support

To expand your business worldwide, Appy Pie’s chatbot builder offers multi-language support so that your Telegram bot can converse in multiple languages with users from all over the world.

Multi-language support

Appy Pie Chatbot Builder offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make your own Telegram bot. It is as easy as pie to create a Telegram bot with the easy-to-use tools and smooth navigation menus provided by the software.

Why do you need a Telegram Chatbot?

Telegram bots are third-party applications that run within your Telegram app. You can create and embed various bots like telegram search bot, telegram translate bot, etc. and improve the overall customer experience.

For most businesses, customer interaction remains a challenge. Telegram chatbot helps in maintaining a good communication channel between your customers and business. It helps in lead generation, nurturing customers, and retaining them for the long run. In short, for a smooth and seamless customer experience, the Telegram bot can prove to be an effective tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a telegram chatbot?

Telegram bots are chatbots that automate and personalize customer interactions on the Telegram app. These bots assist your business by providing live customer support, promoting your products and converting your business leads directly and privately through Telegram.

How do I get started with telegram chatbot?

It is easy to build your own chatbot for Telegram with Appy Pie Chatbot. All you need to do is create an account on Appy Pie and log in, select the FREE Telegram bot template, and embed it in your Telegram business account.

How much does a telegram chatbot cost?

Coding a Telegram bot from scratch can cost a business quite a lot. However, with Appy Pie Chatbot, you can create a dedicated Telegram chatbot for your business for FREE! Try out Appy Pie’s free Telegram bot template today!

What are the advantages of telegram chatbot?

There are many benefits to building dedicated Telegram chatbots:

  1. Reaches your audiences directly: People are more likely to interact with your business on Telegram. Telegram bots are a very direct form of marketing and can reach your consumers more effectively while maintaining complete privacy.
  2. Cost effective: Unlike other forms of marketing/customer support, Telegram bots are extremely affordable to create and deploy. You can create a free Telegram bot for your business with Appy Pie Chatbot.
  3. Increases customer engagement: Telegram bots are an excellent way to interact with your customers. They will ‘talk’ with customers proactively on Telegram and promote your brand increasing customer engagement and loyalty.
What are the features of telegram chatbot?

Here are some of the top features of a Telegram bot:

  1. Multilingual support: Your Telegram bot can support multiple languages and appeal to a global audience. It can also translate chats into different languages.
  2. 24*7 support: Your chatbot can be available for customers 24*7 365 days a year. Never go offline with a dedicated business Telegram bot.
  3. Multiple chats: Your Telegram chatbot can communicate with hundreds of people at once meaning every customer is provided the support they need whenever they need it.
  4. Scalable: Telegram bots are completely scalable and are suited for all kinds of businesses.
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