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Support patients with instant query redressal, offer service recommendations, facilitate appointment booking and lots more. Create a medical virtual assistant, with Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder.

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How to create a virtual medical assistant with Appy Pie Chatbot?

You can follow the steps given below to create a virtual medical assistant with Appy Pie Chatbot:

Give your virtual assistant a name
Give your virtual assistant a name A good medical chatbot needs a friendly name that appeals to patients
Choose medical chatbot as your chatbot type
Choose medical chatbot as your chatbot type Appy Pie Chatbot lets you create a variety of chatbots. Choose the ‘medical bot’ option
Create a unique personality for your assistant
Create a unique personality for your assistant Use the bot flow and its features to create a unique personality for your virtual assistant
Test your bot
Test your bot Test the bot you have created to ensure that your virtual medical assistant meets your needs
Launch your smart online assistant
Launch your smart online assistant Embed your virtual medical assistant in your medical website and apps and go live
automated virtual medical assistant

Why you need an automated virtual medical assistant?

  • Helps educate patients Doctors at busy hospitals may need to treat hundreds of patients each day. However, they usually do not get the time to talk to each patient and explain everything regarding their ailments. A virtual medical assistant can help answer patients’ questions efficiently. Patients can simply enter a URL or scan a QR code and start talking with your assistant over chat and voice.
  • Simplifies support A hospital cannot always have a dedicated support team to help answer patient queries regarding their treatment and other procedures. Additionally, hiring a support team can be very expensive. A virtual medical assistant can also book appointments, send reminders to potential clients, and much more.
  • First Contact Apart from educating and supporting patients, a virtual medical assistant can also be the first point of contact for your patients. For example, if someone wants an ambulance. In that case, your virtual medical assistant can take their address, request for a patient’s symptoms, etc., and directly notify your ambulance team instead of a human receptionist. Thus, a virtual medical assistant has the potential to replace a physical receptionist.

Benefits of using Appy Pie Chatbot Virtual Medical Assistants

Medical assistants can also be referred to as medical chatbots. They bring significant benefits to your organization:

Respond instantly

Respond instantly

With a medical assistant, customers can get their queries answered instantly. A good virtual assistant understands the context of the question by picking the keywords from the conversation, searches the keyword in the database, and delivers a satisfactory answer to the users. Although there are multiple steps in the whole process, a medical chatbot just takes a few seconds to complete it.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Virtual assistants made with Appy Pie are compliant with HIPAA norms and meet the necessary regulations needed for medical tools. With Appy Pie your medical virtual assistant will be able to provide you with the medical assistance you need while maintaining portability and accountability of your health insurance.



Virtual medical assistants are affordable for small clinics and hospitals as well. Once a hospital starts growing rapidly, a medical chatbot can meet the requirements of a larger number of medical patients. Hospitals can achieve this without spending a significant additional sum to ramp up their support architecture. A medical AI assistant can be scaled quickly and efficiently to meet the growing customer demand.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Medical assistants enable businesses to resolve customer problems quickly. They work nonstop, take up repetitive tasks, save your time, and free up your medical team to help the patients that need them most.

Patient Support

Patient Support

Virtual medical assistants can be integrated with existing support systems to offer quick access to medical support articles. You can create and program medical bots that answer user questions quickly. This helps patients understand more about symptoms, treatments, and the ailments they might have.

Automated Answering

Automated Answering

The automated answering service of smart online assistants helps businesses give their users accurate and relevant answers other than just giving them suggestions. These intelligent bots save your users from searching through thousands of knowledgebase articles to get a solution for their problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

A medical virtual assistant provides patients information about their ailments and helps them understand their condition.

Can I use this Medical Virtual Assistant template for free?

You can create a medical virtual assistant for free with Appy Pie Chatbot. All you need to do is sign in to Appy Pie and follow the instructions.

How much does a Medical Virtual Assistant cost?

Medical virtual assistants can cost nothing to make. With Appy Pie, you can make your own virtual assistants for free within minutes.

What are the advantages of Medical Virtual Assistant?

Here are the benefits of creating a medical virtual assistant:

  1. Help in Emergency Situations

    Medical virtual assistants are fast enough to deal with emergencies if required. They are used for various services like booking appointments, calling an ambulance, or contacting doctors, when required.

  2. Support for Professionals

    A virtual medical assistant is smart enough to support professionals. Not only the patients but doctors can also use them when they need to know about the use of medicines. They can also help doctors to check alternative treatments for a specific disease.

  3. Assist in Health Insurance Process

    Medical virtual assistants can ease the process of health insurance for both insurance seekers and companies. Chatbot can initiate the conversation with insurance seekers and provide them details of insurance packages.

What are the features of Medical Virtual Assistant?

Here are some of the top features of a virtual medical assistant chatbot:

  1. Multilingual support: Your virtual bot can support multiple languages and appeal to a global audience.
  2. 24*7 support: Your chatbot can be available for customers 24*7 365 days a year. Never go offline with a virtual assistant bot.
  3. Multiple chats: Your chatbot can talk to hundreds of patients at once meaning every customer is provided the support they need whenever they need it.
  4. Scalable: Healthcare bots are completely scalable and are suited for all kinds of businesses.
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