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How to create a virtual HR assistant in 5 easy steps

Follow these steps and create your own HR virtual assistant.

Enter a name for your HR virtual assistant
Enter a name for your HR virtual assistant Choose a unique name to help your virtual HR assistant stand out
Select HR bot as bot type
Select HR bot as bot type Choose “HR bot” as bot type and add your brand’s name
Create a personality for your virtual assistant
Create a personality for your virtual assistant Edit the personality you want in your virtual assistant
Test your bot thoroughly
Test your bot thoroughly Check your bot flow and make changes as required
Launch your virtual assistant
Launch your virtual assistant Your online assistant is ready to go live. Embed it in your web pages and apps.
Benefits of creating an HR assistant

Benefits of creating an HR assistant for your business

  • Screen potential hires: Virtual HR solutions can be used to screen potential candidates you want to hire. These assistants provide significant help in the initial phase of recruitment. They interact with candidates and inform them about the job role they applied for. Assistants can screen the candidates based on the qualifications you have set
  • Answer employee queries: Employees often have various doubts that they ask their HR departments. With a virtual assistant, employees can receive the information they need instantly and directly. A good HR virtual assistant will help employees with their problems without the involvement of the HR team.
  • Increase efficiency and save time: The best HR virtual assistants can save recruiters a lot of time and streamline the recruitment & HR support processes. They help bring stability to the HR department. They do this by automating simple and repetitive HR processes.

Top Appy Pie Chatbot features that help create the best HR Virtual Assistants

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder

HR virtual assistants read keywords from the text that users enter in a chat window. They use the keywords to understand a question’s context and then search for the information based on those keywords before they deliver it to the users.

Bot Personality

Bot Personality

Virtual assistants for HR can have a unique personality in line with your brand. You can humanize your AI HR assistant as per your business requirements. This way your bot can interact with your users like a human agent and keep them engaged.

URL Database

URL Database

With this feature, you can upload links and files in your chatbot. Your virtual assistant uses these files to find answers to the users’ questions and assists them better. The URL database can be filled with as many links and files your HR teams may need to assist recruitment and support.

Bot Training

Bot Training

Users often ask the same questions in many different ways. You can use your AI virtual assistants to answer questions correctly by understanding what a user is trying to say. You can train your bot to ensure that it provides correct answers to the questions even if asked differently by filling the database with variations of the same question.

Customizable design

Customizable design

Appy Pie chatbot builder provides landing and widget pages options for the users while designing chatbots for their website. HR teams can customize the chatbot window as they like by choosing colors, fonts, and more.



Integrate your favorite software(CRM and 3rd party tools) using our workflow automation tool and your chatbot to increase the usability of your HR virtual assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HR Virtual Assistant?

A virtual HR assistant helps HR teams automate some of their processes by communicating directly with potential hires and candidates. They ‘talk’ to potential candidates and can gather important information about them. HR virtual assistants can also conduct first round interviews.

Can I use this HR Virtual Assistant for free?

All Appy pie chatbot templates are free to try and use. Simply sign up and create your own HR virtual assistant today!

How much does a HR Virtual Assistant cost?

HR virtual assistants can be built for free. They cost nothing to make if you use chatbot builders like Appy Pie’s Chatbot builder.

What are the advantages of HR Virtual Assistant?

Here are the benefits of creating a HR Virtual Assistant:

  1. Candidate screening: An HR virtual assistant can screen candidates by conducting preliminary rounds of interviews and receiving candidate information early.
  2. Assist Onboarding: HR Virtual assistant can help with employee onboarding. These bots will answer all questions new employees have.
What are the features of HR Virtual Assistant?

Here are the features of a HR bot:

  1. Available 24*7: HR virtual assistants are available to talk to users 24*7 answering their most burning questions anytime they want.
  2. Support for global audiences: HR assistants support multiple languages allowing you to interact in other languages.
  3. Scalability: Chatbots made with Appy Pie are extremely scalable for larger audiences. It can handle all kinds of customer volumes with ease.
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