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How to create a Discord Text-to-Speech bot

Enter your Discord bot’s name
Enter your Discord bot’s name Choose a unique name for your Discord TTS bot.
Select the bot type
Select the bot type Choose Discord TTS bot as your bot type.
Publish your text chatbot
Develop your bot’s personality and voice Create the questions and answers your Discord bot will answer. Choose the voice for your bot or add your own!
Train and test your bot
Train and test your bot Add questions and answers to the bot flow and test how well it answers when needed.
Launch your bot in the community
Launch your bot in the community Go ahead and deploy your bot to your community.
Give your community bot a voice

Give your community bot a voice

With Appy Pie Chatbot Builder’s Discord bot for TTS, give your community bot a unique human voice to endear it to your users. Enhance your user engagement and improve their experience with your platform.

  • Completely configurable With Appy Pie Chatbot, you can configure your Discord text to speech bot exactly the way you want. Create bot flows and voices that match your server needs, enable and disable the features you want, and add features to your chatbot by simply dragging and dropping!
  • Free and Easy to Use Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder provides a no-code development interface that makes it easy to create a TTS bot for Discord. You can create and customize your chatbot without any coding on Appy Pie Chatbot’s clean and simple interface. Try it out today
  • How does a TTS bot work? A TTS bot converts answers to chatbot questions into its own voice. When you create your bot, you will create a catalog of questions/keywords and answers. These answers will be essentially ‘read’ out to the user once they ask your Discord bot a question.

Benefits of creating a Discord TTS bot

Community engagement

Community engagement

Discord bots are quite popular within the Discord community. Adding voice functionality to a chatbot in your Discord will increase community engagement across your Discord channels. The largest communities on Discord use bots to answer user questions, notify users about events, and plan community events.

Instant responses

Instant responses

Discord bots help communities answer their users’ questions instantly. They go through the question asked, pick the keywords, understand the context of the question, search the keyword in the programmed knowledgebase, and message back instantly. A good discord TTS bot can answer faster than a moderator and answers users directly with its own voice.

Saves time

Saves time

Large Discord communities can be difficult to manage. With a good Discord chatbot, moderators can save a lot of time by automating their communication lines. A bot can help new users and provide support to existing users by answering their queries with voice. It helps moderators focus on more important tasks saving valuable time and resources.

Booking Appointments

Social sharing

Going live on Twitch? Share a community-wide notification automatically with your Discord bot. Let the bot answer community questions about your streaming schedules automatically. Posted a tweet? Share them through your chatbot onto your Discord server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a discord text to speech bot?

A Discord text to speech bot converts your text into voice and speaks for you. It is a great way to give your Discord community a dedicated and unique voice.

Can I use this discord text to speech bot template for free?

All Appy Pie templates are free to use including the text to speech bot for Discord. Try out and create your own chatbots for free without coding with Appy Pie Chatbot!

How much does a discord text to speech bot cost?

You can create your own Discord text-to-speech bot for free with Appy Pie Chatbot. Our simple and intuitive no-code interface is perfect for creating Discord bots for your communities and servers.

What are the advantages of discord text to speech bot?

There are various advantages to creating your own Discord bots. Here are some of them:

  1. Gives your Discord bots a voice

    Human voices will help endear your users to your Discord bots. A bot that can ‘talk’ like a human is a cool investment that will create a buzz within your communities. Discord text-to-speech bots can also help people ‘hear’ your announcements making it easier to communicate.

  2. Community engagement

    A Discord text-to-speech bot can engage your community more effectively. They can ask users questions, announce events and do much more.

What are the features of discord text to speech bot?

Here are some of the top features of Appy Pie’s Discord text-to-speech bot:

  1. Multi-language support: Reach out to all your global users by configuring your voice in various languages based on your user’s geographic location.
  2. Cost effective: Discord text-to-speech bot can be created for free with Appy Pie Chatbot. What’s the harm in trying it out?
  3. Completely no-code: Create your chatbot from scratch without needing to code a single line. You don’t even need relevant knowledge about coding to create your text to speech bot for Discord.
  4. Simple integrations: You can integrate other support software, CRMs, and more into your texting bot to create more utility for your business and customers.
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