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How to make a Chatbot for Small Businesses in 3 easy steps:

To make your own Chatbot for Small Businesses, follow these steps:

Mention the name of your chatbot
Mention the name of your chatbot Write the name of your chatbot and the purpose of creating it.
Select the bot Type
Select the bot Type Choose the bot type that you want to create for your website.
Publish the Bot
Publish the Bot Check if the chatbot works fine and publish it.
Benefits of a Chatbot for Small Businesses

What are the benefits of a Chatbot for Small Businesses?

Chatbots are important for small businesses as they make the business grow. They provide better customer service and convert customers. Few major benefits of a chatbot for small business are mentioned below:

  • Growing Business Chatbots help the business to grow with their great contribution of supporting and converting the customers.
  • Simple Interface Chatbots are designed with a simple interface. They make interaction a breeze for the users with easy to use features.
  • Simple queries A small business chatbot answers the basic products queries of the users. It is important for the users to know about the company products as the quality of products builds the brand image.
  • Less time and Less money Chatbots work like robots, they handle a large number of chats in a very less time, they are affordable and provide better customer service experience.

What are the features of an Appy Pie Small Businesses’ Chatbot Builder?

Design Customization

Design Customization

Appy Pie Chatbot builder creates chatbots that offer Landing or Widget page designs for the chatbots.

Chats Customization

Chats Customization

Appy Pie chatbot builder provides users the option to edit the chat content and make it appropriate as per the user preferences.

Easy Navigation feature

Easy Navigation feature

Appy Pie chatbot builder creates chatbots that are simple and easy to use for the users. The chatbots are compatible with computer and mobile phones. They conduct conversations using auditory method.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting

Chatbot builder makes the chatbots that target audience according to the time of initiating chat and their location. Users contacting from different locations get different content in the chat.

Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments

Appy Pie chatbot builder creates chatbots that have an inbuilt feature of booking appointments as per the business and user preferences.

Transfer to Live agent

Transfer to Live agent

Appy Pie Chatbot builder builds chatbots that start chat with the users and transfers them to live agents if they need any further assistance.

Why do you need a Chatbot for Small Businesses?

Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence. They are popular for every kind of business whether small or large as they help the users with all sorts of problems. They help build an authentic brand and create healthy relationships with the audience.

Small business owners have limited finances and face difficulty in spending a lot of money on hiring extra employees. Chatbots work in minimal costs and pay for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business chatbot?

A business chatbot is a fully automated AI powered application that allows customers to easily connect with your brand through stimulating conversations. A business chatbot can prove to be beneficial for businesses in improving customer experience, generating more sales and revenue.

Can I use this business chatbot template for free?

Yes, you can use business chatbot template for free and develop great chatbots for your business with Appy Pie chatbot builder.

Can I edit this business chatbot template?

Yes, you can edit business chatbot template, add the questions and answers related to your business, and create a business chatbot in only a few minutes using Appy Pie. You can also integrate the chatbot on your business website and mobile app, improving the customer experience in a big way.

Can you build a business chatbot for me?

You can build a business chatbot on your own using the leading chatbot maker Appy Pie. However, in case you need any assistance, our support team is available 24/7. You can always reach out to our customer support over live chat through our website, send us an email at [email protected], or call us on +1 888 322 7617 for free assistance.

Can I change the language of this business chatbot template?

Yes, you can change the language of this business chatbot template as per your needs and build next generation chatbots with zero coding.

What are the advantages of business chatbot?

Listed here are some of the advantages of business chatbot

  1. Improved customer service
  2. Increased customer engagement
  3. Better lead generation, qualification and nurturing
  4. Cost savings
  5. Personalized services; and much more.
What are the features of business chatbot?

Listed below are some of the features of business chatbot

  1. Product details
  2. Frequently asked questions
  3. Ticketing system
  4. Live chat
  5. Analytics and reporting; and many others
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