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How to Create an HR & Recruitment Chatbot in a few easy steps?

Follow these steps to create your own Recruitment Chatbot in minutes:

Increase Your Productivity
  1. Enter your bot name and select bot type

    Choose a name that represents your business.

  2. Customize your bot flow and design

    Choose a theme and design that best suits your brand or business.

  3. Go live on your website and app

    Stay connected with your users from anywhere at any time.

Advantages of using a Recruitment Chatbot?

HR and recruitment chatbots are like a live chat service that prospective candidates can interact with on your careers site. Instead of asking your recruiters to answer the same questions over and over, chatbots can provide an immediate response and determine if a candidate is right for you. HR and recruitment chatbots offer many benefits to companies willing to hire employees or candidates looking to work with a specific company. Making use of a chatbot means that fewer employees will need to take time away from their own jobs in order to handle candidate inquiries or applicant information requests.

Here are some of the advantages of using a chatbot for recruitment:

  • Enhances Customer Engagement

    The recruitment chatbot is designed to speed up and simplify the recruitment process. It makes it easier to connect with applicants, reducing the number of steps in the process, and helping to remove inefficiencies and human error. With Recruitment Chatbot you can automate communication with candidates and save yourself the time that you can spend on other important things like analyzing data on your recruiting funnel or spending time with your family instead of responding to candidate queries all day long.

  • Enhance Candidate Experience

    There is no need for candidates to communicate with multiple people within an organization when they have questions. Instead, they can communicate with one person or department which can help them find out more about a job opening or company once they have applied for a position. This makes it easier for candidates to find out information and allows them time to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to pursue the position further.

  • Strengthen Your Brand

    If prospects have a positive experience with you, they are more likely to remember future openings and refer you to their friends. On the other hand, if a candidate has previously applied with you and never received a response or has been forced to wait, they may not bother applying again. Using the most up-to-date technology also demonstrates that you are innovative and likely to be on top of the latest advances. This strengthens your position as an industry leader.

  • Save time and increase efficiency

    A recruitment chatbot can save tons of time when it comes to candidate sourcing and filtering. They can help your HR teams become more productive by automating simple, repetitive, and time-consuming processes. It also can post/announce jobs on social media, monitor and analyze the results. So, if you want to increase your productivity, create your own human resource chatbot for your recruitment process and save your time & money and take your recruitment processes to the next level.

What are the Features of Appy Pie’s Recruitment Chatbot Builder?

Appy Pie’s recruitment chatbot builder allows you to create a responsive, attractive, and interactive chatbot for your recruitment or human resource needs. It can easily be customized to match your company branding, logo, and color scheme. There are no restrictions on the number of pages or questions you can add to your chatbot. With this tool, you can engage with your potential employees directly in a private conversation and give them an inside look at the company, its hiring processes, and culture. As an employer, you can use a recruitment chatbot as hr virtual assistant and manage your recruitment process by receiving applications from job seekers in a convenient manner. Here are some of the best features of Appy Pie’s Recruitment Chatbot Builder:

  • Easy to Screen Candidates

    Easy to Screen Candidates

    The hr & recruitment chatbot created using Appy Pie is akin to HR assistants and can provide significant help in the initial phase of recruitment. A simple preliminary recruitment function can be performed effectively by an automated bot acting as an HR virtual assistant.

  • Increase Your Productivity

    Increase Your Productivity

    Appy Pie recruitment chatbot builder allows you to create the best HR & recruitment chatbots that can save recruiters a lot of time and expedite their recruitment process, giving the HR department of a company greater organization and consistency. They can help your HR teams become more productive by automating simple, repetitive, and time-consuming processes.

  • Chatbots for HR services

    Easy to Use

    Chatbots for HR services created using Appy Pie’s chatbot builder has simple features that are easy-to-use and intuitive in nature. All chatbots are mobile, laptop, and desktop friendly and conduct conversations using textual or auditory mediums. Hiring bots make recruitment much easier thanks to this.

  • Customized Bot Flow

    Customized Bot Flow

    Whether you want your chatbot to act like a Microsoft virtual agent or a Google assistant, all you have to do is change the conversation flow. Appy Pie Chatbot Builder has features that allow you to target certain audiences and personalize the experience for your users.

Why Choose Appy Pie’s HR & Recruitment Chatbot Builder?

Appy Pie’s recruitment chatbot builder provides all the necessary tools to help you develop a highly advanced HR & recruitment chatbot for your business in just a few minutes. With Appy Pie’s HR & Recruitment Chatbot builder, you can build a chatbot quickly and easily. You can build a recruitment chatbot that works for any kind of business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Appy Pie’s recruitment chatbot builder to construct your own recruitment chatbot.

  • No-Code Platform

    Appy Pie Chatbot offers an easy-to-use platform that enables customers with no coding experience or technical understanding to create a recruitment chatbot in minutes.

  • Integrations

    Integrate your favorite software(CRM and 3rd party tools) using our workflow automation tool and your chatbot to increase the usability of your chatbots for hr services.

  • Multiple Chats

    A bot can manage multiple chats, which means that you can interview more than one candidate at the same time making the recruitment process much faster than before.

  • Templates

    Appy Pie’s recruitment chatbot builder has thousands of pre-built chatbot templates that allow you to quickly develop a high functional hr and recruitment chatbot for your human and recruitment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HR recruitment chatbot?

HR recruitment bots are dedicated HR chatbots that help recruit new employees. They receive new candidate information and screen them, reducing the work for your HR teams.

Can I use this HR recruitment chatbot template for free?

All Appy Pie templates are completely free to use. The HR recruitment chatbot template can be used to create dedicated HR chatbots for free without coding. Try it today!

How much does a HR recruitment chatbot cost?

HR Recruitment chatbots are simple to design and create. You can create dedicated chatbots for free with Appy Pie Chatbot. All you need to do is sign up for Appy Pie and start creating your recruitment chatbot.

What are the advantages of HR recruitment chatbot?

There are many benefits to building a HR chatbot. Here are some of these benefits:

  1. Gather Information from Candidates: HR needs candidate data to work with. A dedicated HR recruitment chatbot can collect essential data about various candidates and screens them accordingly. A HR recruitment bot can collect everything from resumes to education qualifications in a conversational manner.
  2. Screen Candidates Profiles: Every candidate has a unique profile. However, they must all meet certain necessary criteria. A dedicated recruitment bot can screen candidate profiles and judge if they meet the necessary requirements streamlining your hiring process.
  3. Assist HR executives: HR executives need to interview many candidates. A dedicated HR bot can assist candidates through simpler processes leaving the executives more time to interview and finalize candidates.
What are the features of HR recruitment chatbot?

Here are some of the top features of a HR recruitment chatbot that you create with Appy Pie Chatbot:

  1. Multilingual support: Your HR bot can support multiple languages and appeal to large multilingual audiences.
  2. 24*7 support: Your chatbot can be available for customers 24*7 365 days a year. Never go offline with a dedicated recruitment bot.
  3. Multiple chats: Your chatbot can talk to hundreds of people at once meaning every candidate is provided the information they need whenever they need it.
  4. Scalable: HR bots are very scalable and are suited for small and large scale counseling businesses.
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