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How to create a banking bot in a few easy steps?

Follow the steps below to make a banking and loan application chatbot easily.

create a banking bot

1. Bot name

Give a unique name to your banking bot

2. Bot type

Select “Loan Application Bot” as bot type

3. Bot live

Customize, test and add the bot to your banking website and mobile app

Benefits of Using Banking and Loan Application Chatbots

Banking and loan application chatbot is a single-channel, conversational interface that provides digital banking services to users. It helps the users by answering their questions, processing their requests and handling their transactions.

AI-based banking and loan application bot also allows financial institutions to interact with loan applicants in a user-friendly manner. Banking chatbots help loan applicants explore various loan options and minimize the time delays and efforts required to apply and qualify the loan application.

Banking and loan application chatbot is a technology-based solution that makes the process of applying for banking and loan services much easier. It allows users to apply for a bank account or a loan in easy steps just by chatting online with a bot. Listed here are some of the benefits of using banking and loan application bots.

    Virtual Assistant

    A banking bot offers an interactive environment to users. It provides users with the relevant information related to their queries, acting as a smart virtual assistant.

    Customer Support

    Chatbots in banking institutions offer 24/7 customer support. They work round the clock and can talk to multiple users at the same time. This saves users from waiting in a queue to be connected to a live agent.

    Saves Time and Money

    Chatbots are less expensive than hiring an entire team required to complete a specific task. Additionally, chatbots in the finance industry pace up the process of resolving the query, either by answering them or by transferring the chat to live agents with the required user information.

    Better Customer Experience

    Chatbots improve the customer experience by offering them an interactive platform for filling the loan application. Customers can easily get the details of their preferred loans with the help of loan application chatbots.

Features to Include in Your Banking and Loan Application Bot

A banking and loan application chatbot is a chatbot that helps customers with their banking and loan application process – without any human intervention. The chatbot interacts with the customers through text-based chats or voice-based calls, processes their requests and provides them with the needed information.

These types of chatbots are quite useful for high-volume applications, where there is a high amount of traffic to manage. They are also useful in cases when there are many complex questions, where it’s hard to determine what information a customer needs, and how they want to receive it.

A banking and loan application bot can answer basic questions about banking products, help customers with applying for a loan or a credit card, provide customers with details about new banking products, and do much more. Listed here are some important features that you must include in your banking and loan application bot.



Chatbot must be easy to use with an intuitive interface. Interactive chatbots make the platform conducive for users by giving them a personalized touch.



Businesses using chatbots can personalize the content as per their preferences. They can also play with different colors and backgrounds to customize their bot.



Chatbots can initiate the conversation with loan seekers and solve their queries related to loan packages, criteria of qualifying for a loan, etc.

Chatbot analyzes


Chatbot analyzes the customer journey for qualifying his/her loan application. The information collected can help the banking institutions in the loan giving process.

How Banking and Loan Application Chatbot Works?

Chatbot starts the conversation with the user by a customized welcome message followed by a question to know if a user is interested in taking a loan. If the user shows some interest, then chatbot gives certain options like personal loans, housing loans, etc. After the user opts for a loan, the bot asks for the user’s location and the amount he wishes to borrow. User provides details like employment status, annual salary, housing status, pending loan, and personal information.

Chatbot asks users to declare if the information provided is accurate or not. Loan application chatbot then forwards this information to you (the chatbot owner) and requests the user to wait for the follow up. Chatbot finishes the conversation by taking the feedback from the user.

You can integrate your banking chatbot to both, your website, and the mobile app. Loan chatbots built on Appy Pie Chatbot allows users to opt from a variety of packages after checking their qualifying criteria.

Why Choose Appy Pie’s Banking and Loan Application Chatbot Builder?

Create your own banking and loan application chatbot in minutes with Appy Pie Chatbot. No coding needed. Nothing to download or install. Simply visit our chatbot builder, enter the name of your banking and loan application bot, update the ‘Bot Flow’ as per your needs, change the look and feel of your bot, and deploy the bot. You just need to copy the widget from Appy Pie Chatbot and paste it on those pages of your website or app where you want the bot to appear.

Appy Pie’s banking and loan application bot maker provides you all the necessary tools needed for building amazing chatbots for banking institutions without any hassle. Listed here are some reasons why you must choose Appy Pie’s chatbot maker for building banking and loan application chatbots.

    Codeless Platform

    You don’t need to learn any coding skills or programming language to make banking and loan application chatbot through our platform.

    App Integrations

    Integrate your banking and loan application bot with multiple marketing and analysis tools to deliver better user experience.

    Chatbot Templates

    Appy Pie’s chatbot maker offers a range of templates to help you easily create banking and loan application chatbots in minutes.

    Customer Support

    You can always rely on our customer support team whenever you want. We are available round the clock to provide you full assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banking loan chatbot?

Banking loan chatbots are special chatbots that provide necessary and important information regarding bank loans to customers in a conversational manner.

Can I use this banking loan chatbot template for free?

All Appy Pie chatbot templates are free to use. You can create your banking chatbot without coding with Appy Pie Chatbot.

How much does a banking loan chatbot cost?

A banking loan chatbot can be made for completely free with Appy Pie. Our no-code chatbot builder provides a free template bot that creates the perfect banking loan chatbot.

What are the advantages of banking loan chatbot?

Banking loan bots are unique applications of chatbots and their technology. Here’s how it can benefit your business:

  1. Collect important data: Banking loan bots can ask conversational questions to your customers. This way they can collect important information about customers and generate leads for your bank automatically.
  2. Immediate availability: Chatbots can be online 24*7. This means that your customers can clear their queries regarding various loans with ease. The bots can also generate leads for your loan sales teams.
  3. Increased user satisfaction: According to various surveys, customers prefer having their issues and queries resolved as soon as possible. A banking loans chatbot can answer customer questions and book visitations for their problems increasing the overall customer satisfaction with your business. banking loan chatbots are unique applications of chatbot technology. Here’s how you can benefit your business:
What are the features of banking loan chatbot?

Here are some of the top features of a banking loan bot:

  1. Multi-language support: A loan chatbot can book appointments in multiple languages for all kinds of user bases.
  2. Cost effective: Banking loan bots can also act as preliminary customer support solutions and are very affordable to create and deploy.
  3. Completely no-code: Create your chatbot from scratch without needing to code a single line. You don’t even need relevant knowledge about coding to create your loan chatbots.
  4. Simple integrations: You can integrate other support software, CRMs, and more into your banking loan bots to create more utility for your business and customers.
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