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Create safe and secure websites with Appy Pie Website Builder. Leverage its inbuilt DDoS protection and mitigation measures and protect your websites from crashing.

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What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is a malware attack on an online entity whose intention is to affect the availability of the targeted system. To put it simply, a DDoS attack intends to bring down an online website or application and prevent it from being accessed by end-users. DDoS attacks can bring down entire servers within minutes if not stopped in time.

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DDoS protection made easy

Websites made with Appy Pie Website Builder are supported on servers that are protected from DDoS attacks. DDoS protection is a free add-on when you make a website with Appy Pie Website. No additional costs!

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How Appy Pie Website Builder protects you from DDoS attacks

Appy Pie’s family tree creator is fully loaded with advanced features. Let us explore a few major ones here.

  • Reduces surface area

    Appy Pie Website Builder protects your websites from DDoS attacks by hiding your computation resources with the help of a Content Distribution Networks(CDN). This helps restrict direct internet traffic to the sensitive areas of your website, such as website servers and computation units.

  • Differentiates between normal and abnormal traffic

    Appy Pie Website Builder automatically differentiates between good and bad traffic and limits the bad traffic to your websites. This protection technique is known as rate limiting. Appy Pie’s servers can do this by analyzing each packet sent to your website server.

  • In-built WAF

    Appy Pie Website Builder has an inbuilt WAF or Web Application Firewall. This firewall protects your websites from bad traffic and blocks distributed IPs that are trying to harm your website. Try Appy Pie today!

Why DDoS protection matters

Protects customer experience

Customer experience goes a long way in maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction. DDoS attacks aim to block your business from your customers. Proper DDoS protection can help your customers use your online products whenever they need without needing to worry about being disconnected.

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An online business’s reputation is built on how safe it is to use. The legitimacy of your websites can be challenged if it faces constant malicious attacks on it. DDoS protection can help protect the reputation of your online website and your brand.

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Financial safety

The average DDoS attack can lead to a significant loss of data and assets. In addition, the cost to rebuild your website, buying new hardware and software to protect your website can incur a significant cost. This is where DDoS protection matters.

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Saves on repairing costs

Identifying the attack node after the attack has happened and repairing the node before repairing other parts of the network involves a lot of overhead costs such as labor, equipment, and other resources. Proper DDoS protection can help you save on these costs.

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