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Google Docs: Inserting, Resizing, Moving, and Editing Images

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on January 6, 2021, 8:11 am

Visuals are more appealing to humans. They relate better with pictures than just text. Learn how to add, delete, resize, move, and edit images in Google Docs.

How to Work with Images in Google Docs?

Here is how you can work with images on Google Docs:

One of the easiest ways to insert an image is simply dragging it from your computer’s file browser and leaving it on the document. You will see the image uploaded where you left the cursor.

There are various other ways to insert images.
You have to click on ‘Insert’ and then select an image.
Now click on the ‘Upload from computer’ option and the picture you want to upload will be uploaded.
You can also add an image with other options; Search the web, Google Drive, Google Photos, by URL, and Camera.

How to Resize and Arrange Images in Google Docs?

After inserting an image, you may want to resize or rearrange the picture according to your choice.
You can resize or rearrange your images in Google Docs by simply dragging the blue borders of the picture.
Google Doc offers you three options; In-Line, Wrap Text, and Break Text.

The first icon at the bottom, In-Line, considers the picture as a part of the text. The text will appear either before the image or after the image. This option is a good fit for small pictures such as symbols.

The second icon at the bottom, Wrap Text, wraps the text around the image.

The third icon at the bottom, Break Text, will divide the content below or above the picture.

With the help of these three options, you will be able to place your image properly.

How to Add a Border to an Image in Google Docs?

The icons highlighted in the toolbar in the below image appear after the image is ready to view.

The first Pencil icon from the left of the toolbar allows you to add a border to your uploaded image.

The second icon from the left of the toolbar allows you to choose the size of the border depending on your choice.

The third icon from the left of the toolbar allows you to select the border types, whether it would be solid or have a pattern.

The icon next to border types is the crop button. Click on the ‘Crop’ button to re-frame the image.
Drag the blue squares in the corners to crop out the sides.

If you wish to change anything in the picture like size & rotation, text wrapping, recolor, or position then, simply click on the ‘Image Options’ button and the various options will appear.
A reset option is also available to make the image as it was before editing.

To replace the image, click the ‘Replace Image’ button then, select from the options to upload a new image.

Now that you know how to work with images in Google Docs, you can connect Google Doc to 150+ other apps using Appy Pie Connect’s Google Doc integrations. Without writing a single line of code, you can create your apps in a matter of minutes.


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