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How to Activate Autocorrect in Google Docs

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 3, 2021, 11:31 am

Google Docs provides an autocorrect feature under the ‘Tools’ section, known as Automatic Substitution.
Here is how you can use Autocorrect in Google Docs:
Log in and open the document in Google Docs.
At the top, you will find the ‘Tools’ section and then, click on the ‘Preferences’ option.

Next, you will see two options; General & Substitutions.
Now, you will find a list of checkboxes, so tick marks the ones depending on your choice.

Next, you will view a lot of autocorrect features. For instance, © will be replaced with ©.
If needed, you can also uncheck the boxes not required.
You can also add your autocorrect options to it.
Under Replace With, you can put the things you want to replace within Google Docs.
After filling the Replace and With sections, a new row will be created at the top so that you can add more customized autocorrect options.

Finally, click on the ‘OK’ option

When to use Autocorrect in Google Docs?

Autocorrect suggestions are available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. The same is also available in the German language.
This feature can be used for many different reasons:


In case, you misspell the words in Google Docs then the Google Docs spell check feature allows you to recognize those words and auto-correct them as you enter the words with the ‘Replace With’ option.


Whether you write in Markdown, HTML, or another markup language, you do not need to type the markup each time. For instance, you can replace ahref with <ahref = “URL”> linktext</a> and enter the rest manually.

Repeated phrases

If you frequently use any specific word/sentence then, this feature helps you come with a shortcut word. The complete paragraph will appear after typing the shortcut word.

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