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How to create your own Online Business App?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on March 20, 2020, 4:57 pm

All businesses are going online and why should you be the one to left behind! Build your own Online Business App with Appy Pie’s app builder! Click on the link https://www.Appy and follow the steps below!
  • Enter your app name and click on “Create Now”
  • Drag and drop features into your app to make it functional
  • Click on “Save & Continue”
  • Register your Appy Pie account
  • Test your app and publish it on your chosen platform

Most businesses today have an online presence. The online market is huge. Online business share information across the internet. You need to be flexible, versatile and updated. Mobile apps are a powerful tool to help your online business run smoothly. Before you learn how to create your own Online Business App you need to consider the following points:

Understand your audience

You need to know the group of people your product or service is intended to serve. For finding your target audience, you need to get into details and demographics like age, gender, location, language, education, occupation, behavior, habits, and personality. You need to verify the device your target users are using.

What you want your app to achieve

You need to look into what solutions your app is going to provide for and user queries that your app is going to answer. You cannot please everyone, so it is always better to go the niche way.

  • Do market research
  • It is recommended that you research your market before you create your own online business app.

  • Explore your competitors
  • It is necessary to do research your competitors and their strategies. Track all the competitive apps and keep a watch on the newcomers and analyze their performance in comparison to your app.

  • Make a business plan
  • A business plan helps you turn all your creative ideas into action. Understanding the market leads to the path of success. A business plan for an app helps attract funding.

  • Manage your funds
  • Unlike other businesses, app developers have little knowledge about the funds before creating the app but simultaneously they get to understand their funds. There are many ways to attract funds like raising donations, crowdfunding etc.

  • Think about monetization
  • There are many ways to monetize your apps like In-App subscription, In-App Purchases, advertising, sponsorship and partners.

  • Marketing your app
  • Create a meticulous marketing strategy to market your app to your targeted audience. This is possible with the help of a marketing research, creating a landing page or teaser video.

How to create your own online business app?

Appy Pie helps you create your own online business app with a variety of features and simple in-built tools.

  • Create an app without coding
  • Appy Pie is one of the no-code app building platforms which helps create apps with having the knowledge of coding.

  • Choose from the in-built templates
  • Appy Pie offers you a huge range of in-built templates which you can use to create good looking apps with a myriad of features.

  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Appy Pie makes life simple with the drag-and-drop features. You just need to drag-and-drop all the features you need to add to your app.

  • Integrate your social networks
  • With this feature of Appy Pie you can handle your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter under one platform.

  • Push notification
  • Appy offers a push notification feature. You can send notifications about the newest offers, stocks or items added to your inventory.

  • In-App features like exclusive coupons and Catalog
  • Appy Pie helps you create in-app features which help to make your business popular and help you make money.

  • Images and videos of your products and surveys
  • Appy Pie offers you a wide range of features which help you upload clear pictures, images and videos of your product and helps you further enhance your customer experience.

    You can even guide your customers with GPS to your physical location. This helps you integrate your physical and online presence. Appy Pie also helps you create feedback and surveys from your clients to help you serve them better.

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