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How to create a dating app with Appy Pie ?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on August 2, 2022, 1:28 pm

Create a dating app with Appy Pie :

Dating apps have been around for a long time now. The dating culture is evolving and expanding gradually, and the dating market is expanding too. This evolution has made some of the old dating apps or websites irrelevant, creating a gaping space for new and fresh dating apps to take over. You can create a dating app on your own and seize the opportunity of building a business around it.
 Follow our video tutorial below to learn how to create a dating app using Appy Pie app builder:

Add the dating feature to your app :

  1. Go to our no-code app-building platform.

  2. If you have already created an app, log in to your account, and go to Manage & Edit to add a Dating feature to your app.

  3. If, however, you have not yet created an app, click on Get Started to build your dating app.

  4. First, enter the name of your business or your dating app, then click Next.

  5. Then choose an app category that you see fit. 

  6. Based on the category you choose, the AI-powered platform will add certain pages to your app.

  7. Now, you can click on Save & Continue to finish creating your app. Once you have created your account and logged in, you can start editing your app.

  8. Now you can start editing to add the dating feature to your app. 

  9. If you chose the right category, the dating feature might already be added to your app. Click on it.

  10. If, however, the dating feature has not been added to your app, you can click on the view all option on the features tab and add the dating feature by clicking on it.

  11. Now, you can add details like the name of your app, change the icon, and customize the look and feel of your dating app.

  12. Add in more critical details in the dating section of the feature like the Firebase database URL (follow the tutorial for how to do this), Auth domain, and API Key. 

  13. Next, add the payment information depending on whether you want to offer your app for free or want to charge people to download the app. 

  14. You can also add an in-app purchase feature where you can choose to run your app on a subscription model or offer some advanced features in a premium version of the app.

  15. Finally, once you are happy with the way your dating app looks and works, you can test it on an actual device of your choice.

  16. All that is left now is to go live on the app stores of your choice! 


Dating feature Work in Mobile Apps :

Follow our video tutorial below to know how Dating Feature works :




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