How can I get my Facebook app's APP ID?

Follow steps below to get your Facebook App's APP ID :

Step 1 : Go to Facebook Developer page

Step 2 : If you have a Facebook account, login, else Sign Up

Step 3 :  Select Add a New App option from My Apps dropdown menu

Step 4 : Provide required details and click on Create App ID button

Step 5 : Open Settings dropdown menu


Step 6 : Select Basic


Step 7 : Click on Add Platform


Step 8 : Select iOS platform


Step 9 : Enter Bundle ID, iPhone Store ID, and iPad Store ID in the highlighted fields.If you don’t have these keys, copy paste the following values –
Bundle ID - com.[AppName].com
iPhone Store ID – 1279371904
iPad Store ID - 1279371904


Step 10 : Once again, click on Add Platform


Step 11 : Now select Android platform


Step 12 : Enter Google Play Package Name, Class Name, and Key Hashes in the highlighted fields.If you don’t have these keys, copy paste the following values –
Google Play Package Name -
Class Name - HomeActivity
Key Hashes - VaSOGhegZ8f7Iu+zY5VY6sD8MT8=


Step 13 : Once done, click on Save Changes


Step 14 : Click on Use this package name


Step 15 : Enter your App Domain and Privacy Policy URL here.If you don’t have the Privacy Policy URL, copy and paste Appy Pie’s privacy policy URL -

Step 16 : Turn on the Status Toggle button present on the top

Step 17 : Open the App Category dropdown menu


Step 18 : Select your App Category


Step 19 : Click on Confirm


Step 20 : The status of your app will turn to Live. On the top left-hand-corner of the dashboard, you will see your App ID

Step 21 : Now paste the copied App ID in the highlighted field in Sign in section in System pages

Note : If you want to add the website to your Facebook app, please follow this tutorial  : How to get your Facebook App's APP ID.

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