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How long does it take to make an infographic?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on January 11, 2021, 12:20 pm

It takes about a week on average to create an infographic from end to end with client edits and feedback. However, at times it may even take a month to create an infographic. Thus the time to create an infographic will purely depend on the factors like:

1. Intricacy of the infographic

No matter what, some infographics do take a lot of time. The reason could be complexity, too much of detail, a different set of characters in the picture, working for different media platforms, and overall subject complexity, etc. So these kinds of projects could take a week or two or even more.

2. Experience of the Designer

If the designer is not experienced enough; he might take a lot of time in making even simple designs. However, if he is experienced he may end up taking lesser time. So the time to create a new infographic will depend on his experience in this field.

3. Size of the project

If the data includes a large number of elements and loads of information then creating an infographic that is easy to comprehend will take a lot more time than the ones with less information.

4. Clients

 It is extremely difficult to please some adamant clients. Some clients initially might provide the wrong requirements or maybe inadequate requirements and the designer might have to go through a series of challenges and changes until the design is finally approved.

5. Data

Things like proper data collection if not provided by the client leads to a delay in planning to represent the data in the form of an infographic. To churn a new infographic a designer needs sufficient and accurate data.

6. Audience

Knowing and understanding your audience also plays an important factor in deciding the time required to design an infographic.

Thus the keys factors like the project size, audience, artists working on the project, the complexity of the project, experience, etc. will be deciding factors of the time taken to create an infographic.

However, it will just take a couple of minutes if you use a readymade template. There are many free online services available for creating infographics with basic functionality and hundreds of templates. The best option available online to create the most beautiful infographics is Appy Pie Design.


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