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How Do You Promote an Infographic? Top Infographic Promotion Tips

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 26, 2021, 2:26 pm

It is important to promote your infographic so that you can increase its visibility and boost the overall reach to the right audience. To promote your infographic here are a few tips you must consider:

1.Write SEO-optimized content

Using the right keywords is vital for promoting infographics. Hence, for your infographic to be SEO-optimized and rank well on search engines it is essential to publish supporting content with keywords in heading tags, meta-description, and body text.

2. Send your infographic to your email list

Once you have created your infographic, make sure that you send it to your entire subscriber list. This will help you promote your infographic to the right audience and you will enjoy the attention of interested buyers coming back to you (or your website) for more.

3. Reach out to bloggers and influencers

Another way to reach a wider audience is by tying up with bloggers and influencers. You can reach out to these bloggers, publishers, and influencers and ask them to include your infographic in their content or share it on their social media accounts for greater reach and engagement.

4. Upload infographic to multiple platforms

Infographics can be reused across multiple distribution platforms like social media, blog posts, and newsletters. The use of multiple platforms allows you to make the best of your infographic.

5. Submit your infographic to content curation websites

Content curation websites are great for promoting infographics. Publish your infographic on such websites and you can increase your audience manifold. The popular curation websites for promoting infographics are, Daily Infographic, Visulattic,, and SlideShare.

6. Link your infographic to eBooks

To promote your infographic you can even link your infographic in eBooks. It can be an eBook that you publish on a website or the one you use for your mailing list. Many eBook platforms support the use of live links.

7. Promote infographics offline

There are several ways to promote infographics offline. You can include the link to the site containing the infographic on business cards, or flyers and other marketing materials.

Smart marketers take advantage of every opportunity to boost traffic to their websites like creating infographics on Appy Pie Design. It’s not enough to create good infographics you also need to connect with your audience to make them read your content. Use the above-mentioned channels smartly to promote your infographic and show it off to the relevant audience.

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