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How Do You Share an Infographic? Top Tips for Sharing Infographics

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 26, 2021, 2:27 pm

Marketing experts use many strategies to share their infographics to get more views. Just creating and publishing an infographic will not get much traction, there needs to be a way to maximize the reach of your infographic. The following tips will help you promote your infographic and make it reach your targeted audience.

1. Use infographics as guest posts

When it comes to sharing content, most marketers have similar stress points – will readers read their content or will their content bring value for them. Content shared as a guest post will reach a wider audience. Visual content or infographics are designed for simple and flexible audience consumption. Visual content works great on social media and in guest posts as a means to amplify other content.

2. Email infographics to your list of subscribers

As per a recent study, email is still an effective marketing channel, with 3.9 billion global email users. In fact, email outperforms all the other marketing channels and is the best medium to build the list of your audience and communicate directly with them. Thus, infographics emailed to your list of subscribers will fetch you great traction.

3. Share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Social media is a valuable marketing tool to engage with your audience. Facebook and Twitter can be great mediums for sharing infographics. You can repurpose your infographic into a smaller and compelling graphic or share a link or URL of your infographic to get the desired traction instead of uploading the entire infographic in one go.

4. Share it on Pinterest

Sharing an infographic on Pinterest can work as a long-term asset for your business. Due to its visual nature, Pinterest is the perfect platform to share your infographic.

5. Share your infographic as attractive thumbnails

Individual sections from your infographic could be of interest to particular groups. To share your infographic, post thumbnails of your infographic on other websites, or on the social media pages of interested people, then link back the full infographic on your website. This will also help boost your website traffic.

6. Optimize your infographic for SEO

To make your efforts pay off, you need to optimize your infographic and the page or blog you upload it on. You should also optimize the description of your infographic to make it searchable.

7. Translate to foreign languages to reach out to international bloggers

You can reach a larger audience by translating your content into other languages. After translating your infographic, you can reach out to international bloggers to promote it with their articles or blogs. Use Google Analytics to decide which language to translate your infographic into.

Using the above-mentioned tactics will help you get the full potential of your infographic. Whatever your tactic is, remember that your infographics are designed for maximum sharing ability. To design the best infographics use Appy Pie Design. It offers you hundreds of templates to create best the infographic and also allows you to personalize your infographic with brand colors and logo.

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