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What makes an effective or successful infographic?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on December 31, 2020, 9:25 am

To make an effective or successful infographic, follow the tips listed below.

1. Indulge the visitor with a story

When you tell a story with your infographic, you grab the attention of your viewer and hold on to it. Create a narrative that the viewers would actually want to go all the way through.

2. Guide the viewer’s eye through a predefined path

Like any good visual, your infographic cannot be a bombardment of random visuals. It must be designed in a way that would guide the viewer’s eye from one element to the other in a logical manner.

3. Offer the viewers practical value

Ask yourself why a viewer would want to look at your infographic. It certainly won’t be because it’s pretty. Make sure that your viewers have something to take back with them.

4. Follow or create a good structure

By definition an infographic contains a lot of information in form of data and text. Should you fail to structure them properly, it will make little or no sense to a viewer.

5. Convey a single clear message

Trying to pack too many messages in a single infographic is only going to distract your viewers. Your most critical message may even slip through the cracks. Make sure that your infographic has a single clear message getting through to the audience effectively.

6. Make it visually attractive

An infographic is different from a long, dry report in one critical way – it has a strong graphical aspect. No matter how interesting your data may be, if you do not make it visually attractive, you are going to lose the viewers’ attention.

7. Crisp and clear copy

Adding too much text can cause confusion and clutter. Make sure that you include only the content that truly belongs there.

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