Save time and money through effective automation

Amplify Mindbody’s potential by integrating it with the most popular apps and take your business to the next level.

Improve your marketing and business processes by creating meaningful integrations between Mindbody and other apps you use to manage your business.

  • No coding required
  • Create automated workflows in minutes
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and maximize productivity
  • Never overbook or miss an appointment
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Streamline your business operations through meaningful integrations

By automating processes between Mindbody and other business apps you can save time, manage appointments, and keep all your appointments organized in one place.

  • 4,00+

    apps in our directory

  • 10,000+

    possible integrations

  • 49%

    increase in campaign efficacy

How does it work?

Eliminate mundane activities, automate repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, boost productivity, and realize your goals. Manage appointments, improve communication across different platforms, and never overbook!

  • Click and connect

    Choose any app from the app directory and establish an automated workflow with just one click.

  • Code-free integration

    Integrate Mindbody with any app you want and you can establish meaningful integrations without writing even a single line of code!

  • Quick implementation

    The lowest learning curve, no need to learn coding, and simply click to connect! It only takes a few minutes to establish any integration with Mindbody.

Integrate Mindbody with Xero, Klaviyo, Square and make your business process more efficient

Manage your business on the go by keeping track of all appointments, new sales, registrations (new and updated), new or updated users, and enrolments.

Mindbody-Xero Integrations

Get a real-time view of your cash flow with Xero

Get real-time visibility into all your business transactions. Analyze and improve your business performance with real-time financial data. This Mindbody-Xero integration helps you in making sound financial decisions by analyzing data insights and forecasting models to leverage the business. Set up this integration and improve your business performance!

Best Mindbody-Xero Integrations

  • Create new Xero invoices for new Mindbody sales
  • Add new Mindbody subscribers from new contacts in Xero
  • Create Xero invoices for new Mindbody paid orders
  • Create Bill in Xero for every new product in Mindbody
  • Automatially create bill in Xero for the new registrant in Mindbody
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Mindbody-Klaviyo Integrations

Drive Higher Engagement with Klaviyo

Integrate Mindbody with Klaviyo to automatically reach out to your customers with personalized messages and keep them coming back for more. Increase the number of leads you generate and the number of sales you close. This Mindbody-Klaviyo can help you boost engagement—whether you’re sending a drip campaign, a transactional email, or a special holiday campaign.

Best Mindbody-Klaviyo Integrations

  • Add subscribers in Klaviyo when a new sale is made in Mindbody
  • Notify Klaviyo members when a new product is added in Mindbody
  • Add a new subscriber in Klaviyo every time a new sale is created in Mindbody
  • Automatically send Klaviyo emails when a new class is created in Mindbody
  • Automatically add new MINDBODY registrants to your Klaviyo list
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Mindbody-Square Integrations

Simplify Payment Process with Square

Automatically import your Mindbody data (customers, transactions, and receipts) into your Square account. Turn your data into insights and create the best pricing, promotion, and inventory strategies. Set up this Mindbody integration and easily reconcile your books and gain a comprehensive view of your business operations.

Best Mindbody-Square Integrations

  • Automatically create customers in Mindbody for every new customer in Square
  • Add orders in Square from new enrolments in Mindbody
  • Create new customers in Mindbody from new Square transactions
  • Add a new order in Square when a new registrant is updated on Mindbody
  • Create orders in Square when a new product is added to Mindbody
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