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A unified omnichannel inbox that enables the collection and management of customer queries in the form of tickets from multiple channels like email, chat, social media and more, onto a single platform to ensure that no customer query is left unattended.

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A help desk equipped with in-built automation for workflows, canned responses, SLA rules, intelligent notifications, and triggers ensures faster response and resolution time for customer tickets leading to happier customers.

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Every customer can get instant and accurate answers via an integrated self-service Knowledge Base. Our help desk ticketing software allows you to set up your own Knowledge Base, with FAQs, help articles and more. The knowledge base lets your agents focus on complex and unique queries reducing the workload and time spent on simpler queries.

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To cater to a large pool of customers and keep them updated about your organization, our help desk allows you to build a community of customers and moderators to connect & collaborate with. Discussions can be held on popular subjects, queries, and critical topics. They can then be converted to tickets for any further actions that may be required.

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Support Desk - Easing Customer Pain Effortlessly

It is our business to make life easy for you and your customers.

You can track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with a common inbox. With a single click, you can apply custom status and priority to a ticket.
Our help desk supports seamless integration with various third-party applications and platforms with powerful APIs, to accommodate the complex needs of your business.
Add your team members and other departments as collaborators/followers to tickets to ensure tickets are solved using expertise from experienced professionals
Customize your help desk based on your priorities - set default views, apply automations and rules, set custom domains for your organizations and much more.
We ensure enterprise-grade security with our features and conduct comprehensive audits of networks, systems, and regulatory compliances to protect our product and your data.
Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets to the right agents and departments. Define and customise agent and department permissions as per preference.
Enable email and system notifications for various events to keep a track of the agent and customer activities related to a particular ticket, article or post.
Get real-time CSAT ratings on ticket replies, knowledge base articles and community posts to track satisfaction index among your customers and optimize content for the future.
Get a better sense of how your organization, department, and agents are doing by getting an overview of ticket volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics.

Give your customers the best possible experience

Using Appy Pie’s Help Desk gives you multiple benefits


An omni-channel common inbox ensures that tickets from multiple channels can be resolved via a common platform without switching between various channels of communication. This ensures faster response and resolution time and hence happier customers

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The self-service knowledge base and community enables customers to get answers to FAQs and stay updated to latest developments themselves, hence reducing the workload on agents and departments.

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Since agents now manage unique and complex queries, they are more productive and efficient in delivering the work. Collaboration amongst departments on a common platform promotes transparency in processes. Regular feedback on replies also allows agents to improve their performance

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Help Desk Software

Improve user experience with the best Help Desk

Manage all your customers’ queries and improve your customer service experience with Appy Pie’s help desk software. Interact with users on email, chat or social media, handle customer tickets, and do much more at one place with your own help desk support system.

Ideal for enterprises and small to medium sized businesses, Appy Pie’s help desk support software provides a range of benefits, such as seamless customer support, reduced workload, proactive interventions, quick problem resolution, and more. Besides this, Appy Pie’s helpdesk system also allows your customer support representatives to easily collaborate with each other and share information privately on different issues. Our help desk software features reporting and analytics tools, using which you can analyze the performance of your team as well as keep track of customer satisfaction level.

Stay ahead of the competition and never miss a deadline with Appy Pie’s IT help desk support software. Backed by dynamic forms and ticketing system, our helpdesk software makes it easy for your representatives to provide a more personalized customer support like never before. What’s more? Your support agents can even keep an eye on the tickets and reply to customers on the fly. With an intuitive user interface, Appy Pie makes it easy for you to easily manage all your customer interactions at one place. A unified omnichannel inbox, next generation capabilities, 24/7 customer support, etc., everything right at your disposal.

When coupled with self-service knowledge base and online community, Appy Pie’s help desk system helpts transform user experience and take the business to new heights. Give Appy Pie’s help desk software a spin and meet your customers’ needs, beyond their expectations!!

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