How to Provide Publishing Access for Appy Pie ID On Google Play?

Follow steps below to provide publishing access for Appy Pie ID on Google Play:

Step 1 :  Go to Google Play Console

Step 2 : If you have a Google account, login, else Create Account

Step 3 : Click on Settings menu


Step 4 : Select Users & Permissions from Developer account menu


Step 5 : Click on Invite New User


Step 6 : Enter user Email, and select Role as Administrator from the dropdown menu


Step 7 : Add your desired app under Permissions and tick mark the permissions that you want to assign to the new users. Once done, click on Send Invitation


Step 8 : Here you will see all of the pending invitations


Step 9 : Once the user has accpeted the invitation, you can check it here in Users with access section


Step 10 : Here you can change permission or expiration date or remove user from console

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