How to find Google account Client ID and Client Secret key

How to find Google account Client ID and Client Secret key?

Follow below mentioned steps to get your Google Client ID and Secret Key:


Step 1 : Go to Google Developer portal


Step 2 : If you have a Google account, login, else Create an Account
Step 3 :  On dashboard, click on dropdown menu
Step 4 :  Click on New Project
Step 5 :  Click on Create button

Step 6 : Click on Enable APIs and Services

Step 7 : Search for Google Play Android Developer API here. You can even scroll down to Mobile section.

Step 8 :Click on Google Play Android Developer API


Step 9 : Click on Enable to activate the key

Step 10: Click on Credentials

Step 11: Go to OAuth Consent Screen

Step 12: Enter Application Name, Authorized Domains.In the Authorized Domains field, enter the URL - If you want, you can add  privacy policy link here.Once you are finished, click on Save to continue

Step 13: Open Create Credentials dropdown menu

Step 14: Click on OAuth Client ID

 Step 15: Select Web Application here

Step 16: Provide Authorized JavaScript Origins and Authorized Redirect URLs.
In the Authorized JavaScript origins field, enter the URL - and in Authorized redirect URLs  field ,enter the URL - . Once done, click on Create to continue

Step 17: Here is your Client ID and Secret Key.Copy them

Step 18: Paste the copied keys in the respective fields on the creator software and click on connect.

Step 19 :Go to Google Play Console

Step 20:If you have a Google Developer account, login, else Signup

Step 21: Go to Settings

Step 22: Click on API Access under Developer Account

Step 23: Here you will see all your projects. To access the API, you need to link your account to one of your Google Developer project. Select your desired project and click on Link. You can even create a new project by clicking on Create New Project

 Step 24: Here you will see the project linked.

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