How to Protect your account with two-factor authentication 
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How to Protect your account with two-factor authentication 

Follow steps below to enable two-factor authentication for your account:

Step 1 : Login into your Appy Pie dashboard.
Step 2 :   Open profile menu and go to My Account.

Step 3 : Go to Security.

Step 4 : Click on  Add Google Authenticator.

Step 5 : Here you need to scan the QR code with an authenticator app. You can use any authenticator app, however we recommend using Google Authenticator. Here is explained the process of scanning the QR code with Google Authenticator.

(i) Download Google Authenticator

(ii) Open the app to scan the QR code. If you are first time user, tap Begin Setup, else tap + icon
(iii) Tap Scan Barcode
(iv) Scan the QR code
(v) A 6-digit number will appear. This number is generated every 30 seconds, and is valid  for 60 seconds only

Step 6 : Enter the 6-digit code in the Authentication Code field

Step 7 : Click on Confirm.

Step 8 : Once the code is authenticated, click on Close

Step 9 : Open profile menu again

Step 10 : It's time to test the authentication method. Click on logout to leave the portal

Step 11 : Click on Login on Appy Pie's homepage

Step 12 : Enter your account detail, and click on Login.

Step 13 : Open the authenticator app on your phone.Enter the 6-digit code shown in the app and Click on Sign in to your account.

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