How to configure Apple Developer Account without Mac machine and Apple device

How to configure Apple Developer Account without Mac machine and Apple device?

If you don’t have a Mac machine and Apple device, please follow below mentioned steps to configure Apple Developer Account with Appy Pie’s assistance:

Step 1 : Go to Apple Developer Portal (

Step 2 : If you have an Apple Developer account, login, else Create Apple ID

Step 3 : Click on Join the Apple Developer Program

Step 4 : Click on Enroll button

Step 5 : Click on Start Your EnrollmentStep 6 : Click on Entity Type dropdown menu

Step 7 : Select the Entity Type that best suits your appStep 8 : Click on Continue

Step 9 : Now, you need to turn on Two-Factor AuthenticationStep 10 : For turning it on without Mac machine, you need to download TeamViewer in your machine/system, and then connect with Appy Pie support team for further assistanceStep 11 : Enter Partner ID

Step 12 : Click on Connect

Step 13 : Enter Password

Step 14 : Click Log On

Step 15 : Click on Settings Menu on the Dashboard

Step 16 : Select iCloud menu

Step 17 : Enter Apple ID and Password

Step 18 : Click on Sign In

Step 19 : Click on Next

Step 20 : Click on Account Details

Step 21 : Click on Security tab

Step 22 : Click on Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Step 23 : Click on Continue

Step 24 : Enter Phone Number

Step 25 : Click on Continue

Step 26 : Enter Verification Code and click on Continue

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