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Appy Pie : Are discord bots safe?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on April 28, 2022, 11:30 am

Discord bots have several features that make them a great choice for business owners. In fact, business owners have often used Discord integrations to boost up the use and functionality of this fun software.

Discord bots features we love

  • It lets the users be online and active on several text and VoIP channels at the same time.

  • Apart from file sharing, it lets you share your screen in a voice or video chat to receive valuable inputs from the team.

  • It offers extensive in-call permission controls letting users conduct large-scale meetings with hundreds of participants with great ease.

  • To protect users against common VoIP platform security issues, Discord offers an IP location lock. It tells users if someone logs in to their account from an unusual IP address. 

  • Two-factor authentication adds an effective security layer to protect you from DDoS attacks.

However, like any other digital product, there are some natural concerns about safety.

Data collection and usage

The biggest concern here is that you cannot consent to the data being collected. Though the privacy policy does mention that you may agree with the use of your data but says nothing about data collection.

Data harvesting

Discord API can be manipulated by hackers to create apps that can harvest data from your devices. This vulnerability can prove to be particularly devastating for your business as it presents serious security threats of hackers trying to access your sensitive business information.

Malware scare

There are no strict checks on the kind of links and files that people exchange through Discord. Hence there is a possibility of Trojan viruses or other malware finding their way into your device and spreading quickly. These kinds of malware quickly hand over the admin rights of the device directly to the hacker, leaving you at their disposal.

However, there are measures you can take to make your dicord bots safe to use. Here are a few of them.

  • Enable two-factor authentication

  • Leverage the Safe Direct Messaging option

  • Use Global Privacy setting for direct messages

  • Enable Spoopy Link Filter

  • Employ enhanced verification levels

  • Set up Automated Server Moderation 

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