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How to find Google web client id ?

Follow below steps to create find Google web client id :

Step 1: Go to Google Developers Console. If you have a Google account, login, else Create an Account.
Step 2: On the dashboard, click on the Project dropdown menu.
Step 3: Select an existing Firebase project
Step 4: Click on Credentials on the left side menu.
Step 5 : Under OAuth 2.0 Client IDs, click on the Edit icon in the Web client row.
Step 6 :  Our web client id will be displayed on the right side. Copy  the key. Click on ADD URL, Copy or and enter in the Authorized redirect URIs field.And click on Save
Step 7 :
Click on Create Credentials.

Step 8: Click on OAuth client ID.

Step 9 : Click on Configure Consent Screen.
Step 10 : Select user type External and click on Create.

Step 11 : Add required app information and developer contact information, then click on Save and Continue.
Step 12 : Click on Save and Continue
Step 13 : Check the OAuth consent screen and now you are done.
Step 14 : Now paste the copied web client id in their respective fields on creator software.

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