How to get Live Mode Client ID to enable split transfer between app owner and driver in Taxi?

Follow our below tutorial to easily obtain Live Mode Client ID and enable split transfer between app owner and driver in Taxi :

Step 1: Go to Stripe

Step 2: If you have a Stripe account, login, else Sign up
Step 3:  On your Stripe dashboard, click on Settings

Step 4: Click on Connect Settings

Step 5:  Here is your Live Mode Client ID Copy it and click on Add Redirect URL button

Step 6:  Enter this URL - - here and
Click on Add URL

Step 7:  Here is your Redirect URL. Now click on Developers menu present on the left hand side panel

Step 8: Click on Webhooks

Step 9: Click on Add Endpoint

Step 10: Enter this Enpoint URL - - here
and Select Events to send.Click on Add Endpoint

Step 11: Here is your Live Endpoint URL

Step 12:  Now paste the copied Live Mode Client ID here

Note : When the app owner adds the Live Client ID, an email will be sent out to all the drivers asking them to add their bank account details on Stripe                


  • For adding their bank account details, drivers need to create an account with Stripe and login.

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