How to get your Live Mode Client ID?

Follow our tutorial below to easily get your Live Mode Client ID :

Step 1: Go to Stripe

Step 2: If you have a Stripe account, login, else Sign up
Step 3:  On your Stripe dashboard, click on Settings

Step 4: Click on Connect Settings

Step 5:  Here is your Live Mode Client ID Copy it and click on Add Redirect URL button

Step 6:  Enter this URL - - here and
Click on Add URL

Step 7:  Here is your Redirect URL. Now click on Developers menu present on the left hand side panel

Step 8: Click on Webhooks

Step 9: Click on Add Endpoint

Step 10: Enter this Enpoint URL - - here
and Select Events to send.Click on Add Endpoint

Step 11: Here is your Live Endpoint URL

Step 12:  Now paste the copied Live Mode Client ID here

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