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How to deploy Livechat bot on Twitter?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on September 2, 2022, 1:56 pm

  1. Log on to
  2. Now click on Hobbyist
  3. Select making a bot
  4. Click on get started
  5. Now add your Basic information on the developer portal
  6. Add your name , country and add your coding skill level. Then click Next.
  7. Add this text onto the Intended Use section.

  8. Tick the checkbox and write this text.
  9. Disable these 3 toggle buttons shown below , then click on Next

  10. Now review your application and click on the Next button.
  11. Verify your Twitter account on your email. After verifying your account Click on Projects and Apps:
  12. Under the Projects & Apps click on Overview. Click on New Project Button
  13. Now name your project and click on Next
  14. Now select Making a bot click Next
  15. Give Project description and click Next
  16. Now Name your App and then click on Next
  17. Copy API Key, API Key Secret and save on your text editor.
  18. Now click on your App that you have named and scroll down to the app permissions section and click on Edit.
  19. Select Read, write and Direct Messages.
  20.  Click on save and then click yes.
  21. Click on edit on Authentication settings
  22. Add Callback URL and Website URL
  23. Add terms of service and  Privacy Policy
  24. Click on generate
  25. Copy the tokens and click on yes, save I saved them
  26. Now click on Products on the left panel, under Products select Dev Environments. Then click on Set up dev environment.
  27. Set Up account activity. Give your dev environment Label and give your App name. Now click on Complete setup
  28. Setup is complete
  29. Now log on to your Appy Pie Livechat
  30. Now click on Deploy on Twitter DM tab
  31.  Now add your API key onto Twitter Consumer Key field,  copy API Key Secret onto Twitter Consumer Secret. Add Access Token onto Twitter  Account Token , and then Access Token Secret onto Twitter Account Secret.
    Condition: if you don’t receive a message saying your account is already connected then you will have to regenerate these keys.
  32. Now click on your app name and select keys and tokens
  33. Consumer Keys - Click on Regenerate
  34. Now click on Yes,Regenerate button
  35. Now Scroll down further and click on Access Token and Secret , click on the regenerate button.
  36. Click on Yes, Regenerate
  37. Now copy your new Access Token and Secret again for the last time. Then click on Yes, I saved them
  38. Now log back to your Appy Pie Livechat website.
  39. Login with another Twitter Account and click on Messages
  40. Click on New Message icon and search the twitter account (Which is integrated with Live Chat)
  41. Send the message to @PankajLive4 on twitter
  42. This message will be visible on Live Chat account
  43. Now click on start chat button and reply of twitter message from Live chat account

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