How to connect Google Analytics with your Mobile

How to connect Google Analytics with your Mobile?

Follow below mentioned steps to connect Google Analytics with your Mobile :

Step 1 : Go to Google Analytics

Step 2 :  If you have a Google account, login, else Create Account

Step 3 : The Admin dashboard will open. Click on cogwheel icon present in the left corner

Step 4 : Click on Create Account

Step 5 : Enter your account name

Step 6 : Click on Next

Step 7 : Select Web option here and click on Next
Note : We are selecting web option here because we have used website settings for Google Analytics for mobile apps.

Step 8 :  Enter Website name (App name ),Website URL and select Industry Category, Reporting Time Zone
Please Note : If you own a website, enter the website URL here. If you don't own one, follow this video tutorial -How to obtain the URL of website (PWA)?

Step 9 :  Click on Create
Step 10 : Tick mark the checkbox to accept both the terms and conditions
Step 11 : Click on I Accept
Step 12 : Here is Google Analytics UA-ID.Copy it
Step 13 : Now paste the ID in Google Analytics UA-ID field and click on Save

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