How to Obtain Your Firebase (Data) Url?

For obtaining API Key, Auth Domain, Database URL and Storage Bucket follow below mention steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Click on Go to console button?
  3. Create new project if you does not have already otherwise click on that project
  4. Provide Project Name, select your Country/region and click on Create Project
  5. Click on Database from left menu and click on Get Started
  6. Copy your Firebase url from and paste it into Appy Pie respective field
  7. Switch to Rules tab
  8. Replace code with the following code (same as shown in below image, if its not same already) and click on Publish button Code:

      "rules": {
        ".read": "true",
        ".write": "true"

  9. Click on Storage from left menu.
  10. click on Get Started
  11. Click on Got It
  12. Switch to Rules tab
  13. Add "|| request.auth == null" at the last in to the code
  14. The code(same as into below image), then click on Publish button

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