How can I get my App created using Appy Pie's App Builder to Rank High on App Stores?

To Rank your App high on Google Play & iTunes, you need to keep in mind following On Page & Off Page Factors:

On Page Factors 

As per our Technicians following on-page factors are the most important within the app stores.

  1. App Title: A Natural usage of Keywords in the title appears to be one of the most important relevance signals.
  2. App Description: A Appropriate keyword usage should also be used within app description.
  3. Keywords Data: A Choose Keywords that best describe your app, Separate each keyword by a comma.


A Off Page Relevance Factors

As per our Technicians following Off page factors are the most important within the app stores.


  1. Downloads: A Number of downloads does the app have
  2. Ratings/Reviews/Comments: A User Rating is emerging as a very important element in the Ranking algorithm of App Stores as it depicts the users experience with the app
  3. App Speed & Size: Performance of app also plays an important role in the ranking process in terms of response times of the app, it should not be choppy and slow to respond & size of the app is small.
  4. App Updates: A What is the frequency of updates in the app? Is it continuing to create new features and optimize for new OS releases?
  5. Social Mentions: A What kind of buzz is the app generating in the traditional web ecosphere?
  6. App age: A For how long has the app existed and is the user base increasing with time?
  7. Brand Trust: A is the app released by a maker as this ensures that the app has undergone a significant QA (quality assurance) process.




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