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Where Are Infographics Used? Top Infographic Applications

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 26, 2021, 2:22 pm

Infographics can be used in multiple places. However, first we must discuss the purpose of creating an infographic.

  • Presenting survey data
  • Making complicated processes easy to understand
  • Drawing comparisons between different or related elements
  • Raising awareness about a cause, concern, disease, discovery, and more

Now that you know the basic purposes of creating an infographic, let’s discuss the key places where infographics can be used.

  • On social platforms

You can post your infographics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, and even Instagram so that you can direct traffic back to your website in a positive way.

  • In email marketing

Send your infographic to your entire email marketing list. These infographics can deliver great value to prospects while pulling them on to your website through strategically placed CTAs

  • On websites and blogs

Place your infographics on relevant landing pages or blogs so that your readers can not just look at it, but even share it easily through its unique URL. If you include HTML sharing and embedding data, you can organically encourage people to share your infographic and who knows it may even go viral!

  • In white papers

An infographic can come in really handy to demonstrate your claims, concepts or a point and can prove to be an appealing respite from the monotony of a boring white paper while keeping the reader interested

  • On press releases

You can create a press release around the infographic you just created with solid research and interesting findings. This press release can then be circulated in the media, industry magazines, or news sites to be published for the benefit of their readers.

An infographic may sound like an elusive project that is only for seasoned designers to work with. However, Appy Pie Design has an easy to use infographic maker that can help you design your own infographic in minutes!


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