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Which Discord bot is the best?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on September 27, 2021, 7:07 am

Listed here are some of the best Discord bots –
1. MEE6
MEE6 Discord bot tops the list because it allows users to easily automate different tasks like sending welcome messages, removing users that post ads, etc. But, what seriously makes MEE6 stand out from the competition is its capability to assign roles to the users and send direct messages or current messages in the current channel.
2. Dank Memer
The second on the list of Discord bots is Dank Memer because it makes working on Discord fun and lively. This Discord bot not only allows users to use memes in the conversation, it also lets them create their own memes. Besides this, Dank Memer has a currency system using which users can gamble and steal coins from the other users. They can then use these coins to play online fun games or purchase products from the meme shop.
3. Helper.gg
Helper.gg is one of the best Discord bots for businesses. It can cater to different needs of the businesses, helping them improve their customer experience like never before. Helper.gg can be used by the companies for efficiently managing their customer tickets, without any hassles.
4. Octave
The fourth on the list is Octave. This Discord bot has the ability to play songs from YouTube or SoundCloud through different voice channels on Discord servers. By using Octave bot, users can easily create their playlist and play songs while working on Discord. Easy to use, Octave can even show the lyrics to the user’s audience.
5. Tip.cc
Last, but not the least, Tip.cc is one of the amazing Discord bots that makes it easy for the users to receive tips on their Discord servers using cryptocurrency. Tip.cc supports over 228 different cryptocurrencies and has the right set of tools for trading or mining cryptocurrencies.
There are many other Discord bots which users can utilize as per their needs. What’s interesting is that users can even create their own Discord bots without any coding using Appy Pie Chatbot. The no-code platform has all the necessary features required to build a fully functioning Discord bot from scratch.


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