Discord Bots for Any Server, Best Discord Bots in 2021

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In this blog, we will discuss Discord bots, their use and give you the best Discord bots list. Whether you are a serious gamer, a marketer, or a business owner who wants to build an exclusive community around your brand, Discord presents an excellent channel for you. The platform is flexible in scope and use and even lets you integrate Discord with countless other apps. Have you tried it yet?

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Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms for gamers. The platform is inherently intuitive, robust, and customizable, which is why it has been adopted readily by gamers from all over the world. Despite the platform being geared towards gamers and the gaming community, digital marketers are quickly discovering the platform’s potential and how they can leverage it best. One of the benefits of using Discord is that you can add the best Discord bots to your server and enhance its overall functionality. These bots can also help you manage your server better and, as a bonus, adds a fun element to it. You can further expand the platform’s scope by integrating it with the other apps you use in your business day.

What is a Discord bot?

One of the most important features of this unique communication platform is - Discord bots. These AI-based bots are proving to be quite helpful for business owners and marketers. They primarily use these bots for automating a range of manual tasks on their server. Discord bots are essentially third-party tools that can be employed to improve the platform’s overall user experience. Discord bots will let you play music, monitor your server, track statistics, add server roles, among other things. The best Discord bots end up being so advanced that they have the potential to replace human administrators. The most popular Discord bot types include moderation bots, music bots, gaming bots, and more.best discord bots

Best Discord bots

Like I told you before, the potential of Discord as a platform can be expanded manifold using the best Discord bots. However, with so many Discord server bots available over the internet, it can get a little challenging to choose the one that is best suited for your server. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Discord bots that anyone can use for their server.
  1. MEE6
  2. Discord bot for MEE6Category - Moderation Cost - Plans start at US$ 4.17 per month (billed annually) The best Discord bot for moderation, MEE6, can automatically scan and detect any violations like inappropriate language, spam, or external links. Your MEE6 bot can mute, kick or permanently ban the users for repeat violations. It gives you enough scope and flexibility to set custom commands enabling it to assign user roles and send messages based on particular actions. You can even set up welcome messages for new members on the server.
  3. Dank Memer
  4. Discord bot for dank memerCategory - Meme/Games Cost - Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$2 per month Memes have emerged as one of the most popular and effective marketing tools and have proven to be quite useful for building a community. Dank Memer is, without a doubt, the best meme bot for Discord. Its popularity is primarily due to the massive number of commands you can use on it. There are memes for any possible conversation, and all you need to do is type in the command. On Dank Memer, you can steal or gamble to earn coins which you can use to buy stuff from the meme shop.
  5. Dyno Bot
  6. Discord bot for Dyno BotCategory - Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost - Starting at US$5/month/server Dyno bot for Discord is the best Discord bot for managing data on servers and moderating multiple channels. The bot lets you automatically assign user roles and even set specific permissions for specific channels. Hence, you can limit your server members to only those you trust, thus filtering out spam accounts. You can even decide to automatically ban users with specific words in their profiles from within Discord. You can even define individual roles for the users so that they can access chosen channels only, while other channels remain hidden from them.
  7. Sesh
  8. Discord bot for SeshCategory - Calendar management/Scheduling Cost - Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$5/month Sesh is a unique Discord bot for calendar management, scheduling, reminders, and more. The bot has gained prominence because Discord does not have any kind of native scheduling or calendar management feature in it. The best calendar bot for Discord - Sesh offers great flexibility in terms of the format. You can create events, tasks and set reminders for specific times in your most natural language. The best part is that the bot supports automatic timezone conversion, which means you can collaborate with members from all over the world without having to calculate timezones. Additionally, you can run polls for choosing the time slot, create countdowns, set recurring events, and even integrate Google Calendar with Sesh. How’s that for customization!
  9. Octave
  10. Discord bot for OctaveCategory - Music Cost - Free One of the best music bots for Discord, Octave lets you play any song on YouTube or Soundcloud. This Discord music bot lets you share your music with the entire community you have build on Discord. As a moderator, you can play, pause, or stop a song, create playlists, replay songs, and even view the song lyrics. Octave lets the listeners vote on the

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