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Appy Pie : Are discord bots free?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on April 28, 2022, 11:31 am

The answer to this question is both, Yes and No!

dicord bots can be acquired in 3 different ways. Each way can both be free and paid. Let me explain!

  1. Using a preexisting bot: The Discord community has been very active in developing Discord bots for servers. A lot of these bots can be found on They are either completely free to use or cost a nominal fee. These bots can perform a lot of simple tasks. MEE6 is an example of such a bot. This discord bot helps moderate Discord servers.

  2. Coding a discord bot: For use cases that cannot be accomplished through pre-existing bots, you may need to code your own bots. If you are an individual that knows Python, you can code a Discord bot from scratch yourself. Using Github repositories and Discord’s excellent API support, it isn’t too difficult to create a Discord bot from scratch for free.  You can also hire a coder in which case, you will need to spend money to code a Discord bot.

  3. Using a chatbot builder: Discord bots are specialized chatbots. Chatbot building applications that support Discord APIs can also be used to create fully functioning chatbots without coding. Most chatbot builders tend to be paid, however, some chatbot builders such as Appy Pie Chatbot help you build your Discord bots for free.

You have a lot of options when creating a Discord bot. Whatever option you choose, it is certainly possible to create Discord bots without needing to spend a single penny! Our recommendation would be using a no-code chatbot building solution like Appy Pie Chatbot since it is also the fastest way to build a fully functioning Discord bot from scratch. The seamless embedding the platform offers ensures that your Discord bots will work flawlessly. Good luck on creating your own Discord bot!

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