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About Keyword Position Checker

What is a Keyword Position Checker?

A keyword position checker is a tool that tells you the exact position of your website on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a particular keyword or phrase. It is a valuable tool to use when you are considering whether or not to target a particular keyword. It also helps you determine if your current rankings are due to good SEO practices or because you are paying for placement.

Why Do You Need A Keyword Position Checker?

There really is no point in using a position checker if you just want to know whether the keyword is competitive. You can easily find this out by looking at the top-ranking websites and seeing what their link profile looks like. The reason why keyword position checkers are so useful is that it allows you to put your website in real positions on the SERPs so that you can see how it performs. You can then judge how well it would do if it was in real positions on the SERPs.

For example, let's suppose you wanted to target the term "bike helmets" as an example. If you were to use your keyword position checker and put yourself in the top 5 positions, Google would probably place you there anyway, even if you didn't deserve to be there. In this case, it wouldn't be a real test. You would need to put yourself in positions 6 or 7 down the list, which would be much more realistic.

So what is better - checking your website's real position or just putting yourself into top positions? There really is no comparison. The only way to really know where your website stands in relation to others is by using a keyword position checker.