Google Cache Checker

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About Google Cache Checker

What is Google Cache Checker tool?

Google Cache Checker is a simple tool that checks the cached version of a web page for a specified URL. If there is any cached version available, it will be shown in the results. Google Cache Checker is great for checking how a site looked like before, or how it looked like on a specific date.

How to use Google Cache Checker?

Using Google Cache Checker is easy. Just type in the URL you want to check and press enter. You will see the results right away. The results window will display the original URL and the cached version if it’s available.


How does Google Cache Checker tool work?

Google Cache Checker Tool works by looking at a list of the latest Google search results and then comparing them to your website details. If Google finds any similarities between the two, then it will show you if the page was indeed present in their cache or not.

What this tool is useful for?

Google Cache Checker Tool is the most useful tool that can be used by webmasters and bloggers as well. This tool allows you to check if your website or the web page is cached in Google or not and if yes, then where in your website Google has cached the data from.

This tool proves to be very handy when there are some rumors about your site being banned by Google. This is because there will be discrepancies in some of the latest search results and your website will reflect the same.