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What are the main features of an infographic?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on January 11, 2021, 12:26 pm

If you are looking at creating a beautiful and effective infographic, you need to add quality content, effective design, and good images to it. The key features that make an infographic effective are listed below:

Story line

The purpose of an infographic is to narrate a story. Without a story, an infographic is just a bland graphic. Your visuals need to tell a story, so don’t just pile a bunch of data on paper. Think about the narrative and tie the data in a way that it narrates a story to your audience. The information should be relevant and speak about your brand.


Accurate data is the most significant component of an infographic. Inaccurate information is unethical. Remember to cross-check and verify the data with the source. Research is important to verify if your data is valid before you use it.


Once the sourced data has been properly organized, it’s time to write a copy. In an infographic, you need snippets of content to provide context to the data and to tie the overall story together. Write creative and catchy headlines as they are the key to engaging your audience. Remember to keep text simple and make sure it delivers the right message to your audience.


The design of an infographic should be presented in the form of a story. If your infographic is about nature then it should include design elements from nature.


Use a color scheme of a maximum of three colors. Too many colors can ruin your infographic or make it confusing. Colors speak their own language so if your infographic talks about nature use subtle colors like pastel green or blue. Don’t go overboard by using dark or too many colors.


Use appropriate fonts. Before selecting a font, make sure it is readable in both large text and small text – especially when using numbers. Choose a maximum of two fonts. Use different size headlines to break up the data. Organize the fonts visually to make them visible to the audience.

Graphs and Charts.

Graphs and charts in an infographic are not the basic Excel bar graphs and pie charts. They are graphs and charts that display the data in a unique and creative way and they need to be used smartly, depending on the fact comparing values or show individual charts. Don’t overload your infographic with graphs and charts. You need a balance of graphs, charts, and design.

These steps if used appropriately will you help you create the best infographic. However, you also have an option to create an infographic using Appy Pie Design. Appy Pie Design offers you hundreds of templates that you can choose from and helps you design the most creative infographics for your audience.


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