What kind of documentation or proof of authority is Apple asking for

What kind of documentation or proof of authority is Apple asking for?

As a part of the vetting process carried out by Apple, they want to ensure that the app owner is authorized to release the app under their own Apple Developer Account. As a proof of authority, you may choose to go further on one of the following paths:
  • If you are the Owner of the Brand
    In case you are the owner of the brand or the business, you would have to submit documents supporting your claim.     
  •  If you are an employee of the organization
    In case you are an employee who is developing the app, you would need to furnish proof of employment within the organization, and documents to prove that you have the authority to publish the app through your Developer Account.
  •  If it is still only an idea
     In case there is no registered business yet, you can mention that the whole app idea is still only an experiment and you are in the process of exploring the scope and potential of your business idea. Mention that you intend to wait for a particular amount of time to see whether you can generate enough interest and get enough installs to understand the business viability.


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