Steps you should consider before you enroll as a developer in the Apple Developer Program

Please take some time to review the points listed below before signing up for an Apple Developer Account.
You can sign up for an Apple Developer Program using 1 of the 2 options mentioned below:
1. Individuals or sole proprietors/single person businesses: Apps are showcased on the App Store under the developer's personal name.
2. Organizations: Apps are showcased on the App Store under the organization's legal entity name. Companies and educational institutions must provide a D-U-N-S Number (available for free) registered to their legal entity during the enrollment process.
During the enrollment process please ensure that the Name of the App (Entity Name) is reflected in your Developer Name (legal entity name) or else provide documentation to Apple demonstrating how you, the developer is associated with the Name of the App (Entity Name). Below are a few use cases to give you a clearer idea:
  • Organization: Let’s say the Company Name of your app is Appy Pie App Builder then the developer name should be Appy Pie (LLC, Inc, Ltd, etc.) In this case the app would easily get approved by the apple review team as long as you are able to provide documentation demonstrating ownership of the business. Please be sure to include dates, rights holders' names, you/your company's name, and relevant signatures. 
  • Organization: Let’s say you are “Peter Jones”, an employee of Nike Inc who created an app for Nike’s November Marathon. Now, your employer delegates the responsibility of publishing this event app to you through your personal developer account. In this case, you need to provide documentation proving your employment with Nike Inc and a letter from Nike’s management team authorizing you to submit the app under your personal developer account. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of the contract between you (the employee) and the copyright holder (the employer), detailing your affiliation with the business. 
  • Sole proprietors/single person businesses: Let’s say you named your app – Appy Pie App Builder and created a developer account under the name of the founder i.e. “Abhinav Girdhar”, In this case you need to provide business ownership documentation to Apple explaining how “Abhinav Girdhar” is associated with Appy Pie App Builder.   
  • Individuals: Let’s say your first name is Noah and last name Smith. If you have named your app – Noah's Recipes, then the developer name should be Noah Smith. In this case the app should get approved, however, if your developer "James Franklin" created the Apple Developer Account under his own name i.e. James Franklin then you would need to provide Apple a document that includes a copy of the contract between you (the provider) and the account holder (the developer), detailing your developer’s affiliation with the business.

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