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Getting started with Appy Pie Chatbot

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on September 14, 2022, 6:18 am

It is practically impossible for any business owner to be available for their users all the time. Here is when chatbots prove to be a game changer, helping businesses respond to customers’ queries instantly. However, just adding a chatbot to your website that interacts with your users is not enough to serve them better. Your chatbot should be well-programmed and loaded with excellent features. 


Before we talk about the benefits of using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder, let us check out how you can create a chatbot using this outstanding no-code chatbot building tool.


Step 1


Go to and click on “Get Started”



Step 2


Enter the name of your bot



Step 3


Select the type of bot that you wish to create



Step 4


Click on ‘Create Account’ to preview the bot you have created



Step 5


Sign up with your email and desired password. You can even sign up using your Google account



Note: Password should be of minimum 8 characters and maximum 16 characters. It should contain at least 1 lower case, 1 upper case, 1 special character and 1 number. 


Step 6


Once your account is created, you will get a verification code on your registered email address. Enter the verification code to continue



Step 7


Customize your widget by changing header name, widget badge style, theme color, and chatbot avatar. Click on “Save and Next” to save the changes 



Step 8


You will be redirected to the editor section. In this section, you can edit the bot’s flow and add the customized content as per your requirements. This section determines the flow of the conversation that a visitor is going to have with the bot.




  1. To edit a node either click on gear icon or click on edit icon which appears on hovering over node.

  2. To save changes of bot flow, click on “Save and next”

Step 9


Once done, your bot is ready to be implemented. All you have to do is copy the widget code by clicking on the copy icon from the “Setup” section and paste it in the <body> section of each page of your website


Note: If you cannot do it on your own, you can email the code to your developer by clicking the message icon. As soon as you click on this icon, you will get a pop up, where you can enter the developer’s email and type the necessary message for him/her.



Step 10

Once the bot is successfully implemented, you’ll see Congratulations screen

You can click on the button “Go to dashboard” to go to chatbot’s dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a bot for your website.

Let us discuss the benefits that you get when you create your own chatbot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder.

Benefits of building Chatbots using Appy Pie chatbot maker

Here are a few major benefits of creating chatbots for your business using Appy Pie chatbot creator software.

User-friendly platform: You can use chatbots for any kind of business, and program them to initiate chats with your clients as soon as they visit your business website. Chatbots ask for users’ queries and reply with relevant information instantly.

Customer Handling Capacity: Chatbots can talk to multiple customers at a time. They don't make your customers wait, building a good reputation for your business. Chatbots respond to every user in a good way and work continuously without getting tired.

Accessible Anytime: Chatbots are one of the best customer service tools that businesses use. They can be accessed anytime. Your clients need not to wait in a queue for a long time to talk to a support advisor. Chatbots initiate chats proactively, as soon as users visit the website.

Customer Satisfaction: Chatbots help users in a great way even if they sound rude. Chatbots record the users’ previous conversations, keep a track of what they need and make suggestions as per their choices.

Offers clear conversation flow: Chatbots initiate chat as soon as the user visits the website looking for some information. They answer the users’ queries with crisp answers and deliver a clear conversation flow.

Create a chatbot for your business website using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder and get all the benefits mentioned above. No coding required. Build great chatbots for your business in just a few minutes and take it to new heights.


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