How to enable Facebook feature for my reseller platform?

To enable Facebook feature for your reseller platform, you need to get an App ID and Secret Key from Facebook, for which you need to add a new application on Facebook.


Step 1: Go to




Step 2: If you have an account on Facebook then Login, else Register



Step 3: Click on Register Now button





Step 4: Complete your registration to Register as a Facebook Developer and click Register








Step 5: If you are a new user, select toggle to Yes and click on Register button, else skip this step and continue from step 7









Step 6: Now, click on Create App ID button to create an app  









Step 7: Enter your Display Name, and Contact Email, and then click on Create App ID button










Step 8: Click on Settings menu present on the left-hand side panel









Step 9: Under Basic settings, you will get your App Id and hidden App Secret Key. But App Id and App Secret Key will not be enabled until you provide NamespaceApp Domain and other details. Continue with Step 10 to complete the process.










Step 10:  Now click +Add Platform to add more platforms 









Step 11: Now, click on Page Tab in Select Platform dialog box









Step 12:  Under Page Tab section, provide your Secure Page Tab URL and Page Tab Name, (Please Note: In Secure Page Tab URL field, you can paste your Reseller URL or Custom Site URL, and in Page Tab Name you can provide your Domain name or Company name)







Step 13: Click on Save Changes button









Step 14: Click on Show button








Step 15: It will show your App ID and App Secret keys, Copy both the keys









Step 16: Now click on App Review on the left-hand side panel







Step 17: Under Make App (e.g.: XYZ) Public, select Yes. Choose a Category to make your app live and available to the users







Step 18: Choose a Category and click on Confirm to make your app live and available to the users



Note: If you login into your reseller platform using the same Facebook Login by which you have created the app, then it will show error. As per Facebook guidelines, you can't login into your own platform using FB Developer account. So please use any other Facebook account to login into your reseller platform to test this feature.



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