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How to Make a Dictionary App Without Coding? Top Dictionary Features

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 23, 2021, 8:34 am

If you are thinking about making your own dictionary app, Appy Pie’s Dictionary App Builder is your perfect choice. Click on the link https://www.Appy and follow the steps to build your very own dictionary app.
  • Click on “Create App”
  • Drag and drop features into your app to make it functional
  • Click on “Save & Continue”
  • Register your Appy Pie account
  • Test your app and publish it on your chosen platform

Well most of us cannot carry a heavy dictionary with us where ever we go. So why not use a dictionary app on your device. A dictionary app can be useful and a handy tool for users. Dictionary apps are convenient and they can be used whenever the need arises.

Now that you know how to make a dictionary app here are the points to be taken into consideration before creating a dictionary app:

  1. What you want to use the dictionary for?
  2. Do you have enough space on your phone?
  3. Do you have a good internet connection with accessible data?
  4. Do you just need a dictionary or a vocabulary building app?
  5. Does the dictionary work offline?

You can make your digital dictionary app with the help of Appy Pie. Appy Pie creates apps for both Android and iOS. The app created using the drag-and-drop feature of Appy Pie has a myriad range of dictionary features like:

  1. Word of the day
  2. Pronounce the word
  3. Spell check
  4. Synonyms and antonyms
  5. Sentence formation of each word
  6. Push notification
  7. Translate words in different languages
  8. Quick search
  9. Vocabulary quizzes
  10. Search History

Appy Pie along with the dictionary features like voice search, audio pronunciation, example sentence of the word, word of the day and an integrated thesaurus including synonyms and antonyms has a wide range of other features like:


Appy Pie dictionary app is available on iOS and Android platforms and performs equally well across various platforms.


Appy Pie’s dictionary app builder offers either partial or full offline access. This helps you to access it whenever you need it. It also works smoothly when not connected to the internet.


Appy Pie app maker works on a strong backend data and it helps the user with a highly customized backend database.


Appy Pie dictionary app offers in-app purchases like subscriptions, in-game money, or unlocks for specific features. It also allows developers to provide their applications for free.


A push notification pops up on a mobile device even when they are not using the app. Push notifications are the most important communication channels used by apps. Push notifications have positive effects on the user.


Appy Pie offers app analytics like - the number of downloads, the most recent activity on your app, referrals. Appy Pie provides relevant data which helps you enhance and develop your app and boost loyalty to it.


Social media is known to continuously act as a life-changing platform in our personal and professional lives. Appy Pie offers apps which are compatible on all social media platforms and can effectively perform social media management.


Appy Pie apps offer high quality images and videos with text and voiceovers. It makes things easy to understand for the user.

    • Seamless and available across various devices
    • Works offline
    • Strong backend data
    • In-app purchase
    • Push Notifications
    • App Analytics
    • Social
    • Photo and Video

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